91 Commits (b7dd0d62ddf324a6f54dd3c6f7cb6babcd61ad2d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Martin Renvoize b7dd0d62dd Bug 24665: (QA follow-up) Fix selection default 7 months ago
  Martin Renvoize 114e851f8f Bug 24786: Update borroaccount to use session register 11 months ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 55d7d511b5 Bug 26327: (QA follow-up) Fix colspan in boraccount.tt 9 months ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 91ab070e20 Bug 26327: (follow-up) Add transacting library to the transactions tab 9 months ago
  Andrew Fuerste-Henry f8d9a7a427 Bug 26541: Remove percent sign from discount button 8 months ago
  Martin Renvoize 480aca366d Bug 19036: (QA follow-up) Fix 'out-by-one' error on table 10 months ago
  Julian Maurice 9205d4ef45 Bug 19036: Add ability to auto generate a number for account credits 1 year ago
  Jonathan Druart d3f3a55e0b Bug 26234: Teach our KohaTable constructor the specific th classes 10 months ago
  Jonathan Druart de54267510 Bug 24156: move ColumnsSettings to TablesSettings 1 year ago
  Katrin Fischer 0963451d65
Bug 24995: (QA follow-up) Terminology: Use checkin and checkout 1 year ago
  Lucas Gass aca15e6253
Bug 24995: Add issuedate to table_account_fines and finest 1 year ago
  Julian Maurice da3606ac3f
Bug 24604: Add 'Pay' button under Transactions tab in patron accounting 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize 01fcb6fe3f
Bug 24951: Add id to payout modal confirm button 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize 637bb133da
Bug 24952: Add id to refund modals confirm buttons 1 year ago
  Andrew Isherwood a2449a81be
Bug 23051: (follow-up) Add renewal feedback and move code to subroutines and test 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize 87ff988393
Bug 24081: Add discount action to boraccount 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize f2bedea793
Bug 23442: (RM followup) Boraccount refund form correction 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize 960a50925c
Bug 24080: (RM followup) Boraccount payout form correction 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize a6f538cbcd
Bug 24339: Remove SIP payment types from staff pay screens 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize 9c1705b2b2
Bug 23442: Prevent payouts from being reduced 1 year ago
  John Doe 2cfefec1f6
Bug 23442: Add html filter to a couple lines in template 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize 199d2c56b7
Bug 23442: Add refund option to patron account page 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize fc1c4b7cfe
Bug 24080: (QA follow-up) Remove processing for removed field 1 year ago
  Kelly McElligott c7f0d36cdb
Bug 24080: Adjust text in modal 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize 8610368725
Bug 24080: Add payout option to patron account page 1 year ago
  Kyle Hall 1feb110d05
Bug 23507: Add ability to show change given on auto-popup fee receipt from FinePaymentAutoPopup 1 year ago
  Owen Leonard 247dca3064
Bug 23013: Upgrade DataTables in the staff client 2 years ago
  Martin Renvoize fb021cbfe4
Bug 23228: (QA follow-up) Add required filters 1 year ago
  Kyle Hall 1bc1642b94
Bug 23228: Add option to automatically display payment receipt for printing after making a payment 2 years ago
  Nick Clemens a1eba24391 Bug 22626: (RM follow-up) Adjust column after 12166 2 years ago
  Owen Leonard 9c0197a8d1 Bug 22626: 'Filter paid transactions' broken on Transactions tab in staff 2 years ago
  Owen Leonard 30ab16657b Bug 12166: Improve display of Reserve charges in patron account 2 years ago
  Nazlı Çetin add47bf472 Bug 19489: Change method name issue --> checkout 2 years ago
  Nazlı Çetin 6338bf19a8 Bug 19489: Detailed Description of charges in Patron accounting 2 years ago
  Owen Leonard 6c7c97f67c Bug 22015: Move DataTables CSS to global include 2 years ago
  Owen Leonard f75897a972 Bug 21963: Update two-column templates with Bootstrap grid: Patrons part 1 3 years ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi ad0575ab80 Bug 21578: Terminology changes in patron's account section (staff) 2 years ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 9670becc16 Bug 21715: Ease translation of account and account offset type descriptions 2 years ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 1e5e9f5e80 Bug 20629: (QA follow-up) Remove actions_col 2 years ago
  Kyle Hall 146f1ca3a6 Bug 20629: Rename reverse_col to actions_col 2 years ago
  Kyle Hall 9f112ff75c Bug 20629: Pass accountline objects to template instead of hashref 2 years ago
  Kyle Hall fb15a96310 Bug 20629: Remove ability to 'reverse' payments 2 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 5825026448 Bug 21526: uri escape TT variables when used in 'a href' 2 years ago
  Johan Larsson fca98de0e8 Bug 21462: (bug 15136 follow-up) Shift column numbering 2 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 448dd50cf5 Bug 21454: Remove html filter for Price filtered variables 2 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 917ec3700e Bug 13618: Manually replace missing .raw 2 years ago
  Jonathan Druart dcd1f5d48c Bug 13618: Add html filters to all the variables 6 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 81431ee28a Bug 20226: Centralize update child code (CATCODE_MULTI) 2 years ago
  Vassilis Kanellopoulos 2acbee523f Bug 15136: Add homebranch of borrowed items to patron accounts tab 5 years ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 455c254ee0 Bug 20703: Add confirmation modal when making a credit void 3 years ago