67 Commits (b7dd0d62ddf324a6f54dd3c6f7cb6babcd61ad2d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Martin Renvoize b7dd0d62dd Bug 24665: (QA follow-up) Fix selection default 7 months ago
  Martin Renvoize 47731f187f Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) Reset beenSubmitted on validation failure 7 months ago
  Martin Renvoize d5e3f431e7 Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) Add validation to paycollect 8 months ago
  Martin Renvoize 24804aa4c6 Bug 24786: Update paycollect to use session register 11 months ago
  Martin Renvoize f87f64c41f Bug 26536: WRITEOFF not writeoff 8 months ago
  Lucas Gass 3b273de577 Bug 25744: replace <b> with <strong> in the staff interface 10 months ago
  Martin Renvoize 89716a78e9 Bug 26269: Fix variable name mismatch for cash_register in paycollect 9 months ago
  Owen Leonard 95551b569f Bug 26194: Add link to cash register management from message about missing registers 10 months ago
  Julian Maurice f8bc001496 Bug 24610: Let user switch between 'Pay' and 'Write off' mode 1 year ago
  Katrin Fischer 7761db8052
Bug 25119: Fix account type and description for individual writeoffs/payments 1 year ago
  David Roberts 8b3d539309
Bug 24495: Reword change collection feature 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize 0d91f9e72b
Bug 22359: Prevent undercollection at the server 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize e8338ec17b
Bug 22359: Improvements to payment collection inputs 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize ed7c1b3453
Bug 24525: (follow-up) Factor out to an include 1 year ago
  Jonathan Druart 4f6dc86d24
Bug 24339: Do not assume there are exactly 3 SIP* AVs 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize a6f538cbcd
Bug 24339: Remove SIP payment types from staff pay screens 1 year ago
  Katrin Fischer c1d56dde93
Bug 24208: (follow-up) Change page title from payment to writeoff 1 year ago
  Maryse Simard e74208b8dc
Bug 24208: Remove change calculation for writeoffs 1 year ago
  Katrin Fischer 89931b4bb0
Bug 23483: Show the description, not the patron's title when writing off an individual fine/fee 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize d661141890
Bug 23049: Update existing code to use debit_type 1 year ago
  Kyle Hall 1feb110d05
Bug 23507: Add ability to show change given on auto-popup fee receipt from FinePaymentAutoPopup 1 year ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 8457fb1cf9
Bug 23321: (QA follow-up) Add missing TT filters 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize 57a93704c0
Bug 23321: (follow-up) Require cash registers for payments 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize 1a740fda1e
Bug 23321: Add cash register support to paycollect 1 year ago
  Martin Renvoize fb021cbfe4
Bug 23228: (QA follow-up) Add required filters 1 year ago
  Kyle Hall 1bc1642b94
Bug 23228: Add option to automatically display payment receipt for printing after making a payment 2 years ago
  Jonathan Druart c2bec690b5 Bug 22301: (bug 11373 follow-up) Do not format amounts in inputs 2 years ago
  Owen Leonard b4c9058b87 Bug 11373: (follow-up) Add "change calculation" feature to the fine payment forms 2 years ago
  Frédérick 0c53a07a82 Bug 11373: Show the difference between the amount collected and the amount paid of a fine payment. 7 years ago
  helene hickey 3b0ffa1ece Bug 22148: Changed where user is redirected by cancelling payment 2 years ago
  Jasmine Amohia 0584d96bc0 Bug 22138: updated tab names on members/paycollect.pl 2 years ago
  Owen Leonard c61dc7863d Bug 21965: Update two-column templates with Bootstrap grid: Patrons part 3 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 464bf007d6 Bug 22007: Generated with add_missing_filters.pl 2 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 5825026448 Bug 21526: uri escape TT variables when used in 'a href' 2 years ago
  Christopher Brannon 92a2d74c1c Bug 13272: Adds type="text" to inputs missing it 2 years ago
  Jonathan Druart dcd1f5d48c Bug 13618: Add html filters to all the variables 6 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 81431ee28a Bug 20226: Centralize update child code (CATCODE_MULTI) 2 years ago
  Tomas Cohen Arazi 68ff8702e0 Bug 19617: (QA follow-up) Fix typo for type 3 years ago
  Kyle M Hall 3f85c9b16b Bug 19617: Allow 'writeoff of selected' 3 years ago
  Kyle M Hall d4cf19ac04 Bug 20120: (QA follow-up) Pass on_editing parameter for Price plugin 3 years ago
  Kyle M Hall 515cab0c46 Bug 20120: Prevent writeoffs of more than the amount owed for a fee 3 years ago
  Kyle Hall fde5ea23fc Bug 18786: Add ability to create custom payment types 4 years ago
  Julian Maurice ed7543287b Bug 20538: Remove the need of writing [% KOHA_VERSION %] everywhere 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 0ab22e1c7c Bug 18789: Send Koha::Patron object to the templates 4 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 4c45a5011b Bug 19641: (follow-up) Move patron templates to the footer 3 years ago
  Owen Leonard 047ca33a93 Bug 19641: Move patron templates to the footer 3 years ago
  David Bourgault 0ab5a3cf92 Bug 11210: Writeoff partial amounts 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart ff9a69ccbd Bug 10021: Remove notify headers from pay*.tt 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart f54693ac86 Bug 10021: Drop columns notify_id and notify_level from accountlines 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 3f2c1c879c Bug 19117: Add CSRF protection to paycollect.pl 3 years ago