40341 コミット (b7dd0d62ddf324a6f54dd3c6f7cb6babcd61ad2d)

作成者 SHA1 メッセージ 日付
Martin Renvoize b7dd0d62dd Bug 24665: (QA follow-up) Fix selection default 9ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize e5162d9135 Bug 24665: Add support for filtering by cash register 1年前
Martin Renvoize 89b0a0563c Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) Ensure tests pass with existing data 9ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize 47731f187f Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) Reset beenSubmitted on validation failure 9ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize f7030fc0e1 Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) Do not use 'hidden' attribute 9ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize 349591b3a4 Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) Hide archived registers 9ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize 3865e38ebb Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) Handle no defined registers 9ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize 858c8943b7 Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) Remove trailing space in classes 9ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize 27c6399fb0 Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) String fix 9ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize c551b0719d Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) Unit tests for Registers plugin 10ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize d5e3f431e7 Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) Add validation to paycollect 10ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize 085e5739db Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) Fix Registers Plugin 10ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize 66444caeeb Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) Make QA script happy with html_helpers 10ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize 1e9b6e0e2a Bug 24786: (QA follow-up) POD Fixes 10ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize c153adac09 Bug 24786: Add validation to point of sale 10ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize 8ece86e769 Bug 24786: Default to 'branch default' on auth. 12ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize 1bc723b33c Bug 24786: (follow-up) Cache the register_name in the session 1年前
Martin Renvoize 114e851f8f Bug 24786: Update borroaccount to use session register 1年前
Martin Renvoize 24804aa4c6 Bug 24786: Update paycollect to use session register 1年前
Martin Renvoize 086927c976 Bug 24786: Update point of sale to use session register 1年前
Martin Renvoize 30b23c5f1d Bug 24786: Allow selection of cash register at login 1年前
Martin Renvoize 5b1934312b Bug 24786: Allow setting a register for the session 1年前
Jonathan Druart 3e1e9ddfcb Bug 25067: Move the tests to db_dependent 9ヶ月前
Katrin Fischer f446debd6e Bug 25067: (QA follow-up) Add +x on test files 10ヶ月前
Julian Maurice 3cfc2ec7bd Bug 25067: Move PO file manipulation code into gulp tasks 1年前
Owen Leonard d5d736909c Bug 26727: (follow-up) More markup corrections 9ヶ月前
Katrin Fischer bbf0d21284 Bug 26727: Fix <p/> appearing in the templates 10ヶ月前
Tomas Cohen Arazi b092bdd20d Bug 14708: (QA follow-up) Add tests 9ヶ月前
Kyle Hall 1e37d9c5f7 Bug 14708: (QA follow-up) Use try/catch blocks when calling delete() on a patron 9ヶ月前
Kyle Hall 709f307af7 Bug 14708: (QA follow-up) Throw exception when deleting anonymous borrower 9ヶ月前
Kyle Hall e2032ccfd3 Bug 14708: Don't allow merging of other patron records into Anonymous Patron 1年前
Kyle Hall d9a54e0d33 Bug 14708: Don't allow merging of Anonymous Patron into other patron records 1年前
Kyle Hall f18118f18f Bug 14708: Skip AnonymousPatron in GetBorrowersToExpunge 1年前
Kyle Hall 63960cbb89 Bug 14708: Prevent deletion of Anonymous Patron at Koha::Patron::delete 1年前
Kyle Hall b0ce0d6463 Bug 14708: Enforce restriction in delete_patrons.pl 2年前
Kyle Hall c1af56eb54 Bug 14708: The patron set as the anonymous patron should not be deletable. 2年前
Jonathan Druart 880c9242a9 Bug 16696: Fix search_utf8.t 9ヶ月前
Jonathan Druart 6dd1dbc3a1 Bug 25334: DBRev 9ヶ月前
Jonathan Druart 0efa25c86a Bug 25334: MTT is itiva not talkingtech 9ヶ月前
Kyle Hall d31403133d Bug 25334: (QA follow-up) Update overduerules.tt 9ヶ月前
Kyle Hall 6dad46e0ec Bug 25334: (QA follow-up) Update opac messaging 9ヶ月前
Kyle Hall 946edb595b Bug 25334: Add generic 'phone' message transport type 1年前
Julian Maurice 08ef42582f Bug 25650: Add location and itype descriptions in ILS-DI GetRecords 1年前
Owen Leonard f11659c48b Bug 26148: OpenLibrary "Preview" link target is unclear to patrons 9ヶ月前
Jonathan Druart 2b298ece04 Bug 26172: Compiled CSS 9ヶ月前
Jonathan Druart ff87a03f94 Bug 26172: Replace _result[set] calls 9ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize d6b9032073 Bug 26172: (QA follow-up) Add tests for previous cashups 10ヶ月前
Jonathan Druart 932e2d05bc Bug 26172: Fix return value for ->register 10ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize 57f58f29b1 Bug 26172: (QA follow-up) Add Unit Test 10ヶ月前
Martin Renvoize 0351013fdf Bug 26172: (QA follow-up) Fix order of summary 10ヶ月前