40341 Commits (b7dd0d62ddf324a6f54dd3c6f7cb6babcd61ad2d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
tonnesen c619d5afba Modifications to use new template directory structure. Removed hard coded 20 years ago
tipaul f2509ca2b2 First, run updater/thesaurus_create.pl. 20 years ago
tipaul 00319751b7 DB query optimisation 20 years ago
tipaul 64a90aec93 * getallorders now returns only not fully recieved orders 20 years ago
truth_nz bb8b344e40 Added code to allow deleting of biblioitems 20 years ago
tonnesen 5aa4116d16 Added cell padding back in to table for default.tmpl 20 years ago
tonnesen 8d2b361239 Fixed reference to newsearch.pl instead of search.pl 20 years ago
tonnesen 5a7f47998a Fixed some problems in default.tmpl 20 years ago
tonnesen b7ad145cfe Calculate itemcount in Search.pm if using new template based search interface 20 years ago
tonnesen f1afbb56f2 Changes: 20 years ago
rangi 4e4ff04a0e Will work now with the existing C4/Search.pm at least the one in the main 20 years ago
tipaul c981ae9957 oops, removing 3 test lines... (ending by a die !) 20 years ago
tipaul c7d01057b9 Bugfixes : removes some hard coded trailing dates in select... 20 years ago
truth_nz da5071c2fd bug fix to actually save the changes made to an website biblioitem. 20 years ago
truth_nz 0747fb1fbb Changes to allow modifications to the website biblioitems 20 years ago
truth_nz 4915ed786c New files, and changes to add associated webstes to a biblio. 20 years ago
rangi 1b7a2530e6 Committing Paul's changes into the main branch, and salvaging the changes 20 years ago
rangi 05f7375ea9 Starting Makefile.PL and starting work on pod inside Search.pm 20 years ago
tonnesen c7034b7e2e Small cleanups. We really need to hash out some standard hierarchy for storing 20 years ago
tonnesen af3383f0b6 Cleaned up formatting of dewey number before returning result from Search.pm 20 years ago
tonnesen 45ce9c5283 Modified Search.pm to work with HTML::Template search.pl file. WARNING!! This 20 years ago
tonnesen 0058d9f7e3 Modified to use Search.pm and KeywordSearch(). 20 years ago
tonnesen 7e48dd5114 Fixed startfrom in template links in header 20 years ago
tonnesen f257b8ae0e Still playing. Added a "next record" link 20 years ago
tonnesen 7821d507a3 Added ability to switch between two templates. One template shows 20 years ago
tonnesen 0f6b4029fc Now using real data. Returns first 20 records where author starts with 's' 20 years ago
tonnesen 5e16850c5e Put Dewey back in template file 20 years ago
tonnesen 5c41d379cf Starting to play with HTML::Template 20 years ago
rangi 27d0900c6d Just adding some spaces to test the new cvs-koha list 20 years ago
truth_nz cec2db30ea Update to catalogue to allow change of biblio abstracts. 20 years ago
truth_nz 3e3b57dedf Update to catalogue to allow change of biblio abstracts. 20 years ago
finlayt 2131829c6b changed the destination branch dropdown to only show branches that have 20 years ago
rangi f1e1110cf9 Now use the new hash based results returned from Search.pm 20 years ago
rangi 3d854d01ef Making the CatSearch and KeywordSearch return more sane returns 20 years ago
rangi c0fc669126 Removing keywordsearch2 (no longer used) 20 years ago
rangi bdcc8271a2 Fixing a typo 20 years ago
finlayt fe88c2a022 Removed the "Item has been transfered" message from the returnbook2 20 years ago
finlayt ca7a9d7264 Changed the error message from: There is no book with barcode: XXXXXX 20 years ago
finlayt 01fdc4f833 Changed the word: Fines to: Charges 20 years ago
truth_nz 0b52637ff6 Fixed bug due to way hashes take values. Was stopping items being saved to 20 years ago
rangi a8f9f23711 No harm in adding these to the main branch either 20 years ago
truth_nz 073dc61c59 Bug fixes to get the new acqui.simple system working. 20 years ago
tipaul 5c164fdc70 updated database.mysql : dropped unused tables, created indexes : old database.mysql updated by updatedatabase2.pl script 20 years ago
finlayt 23a8694aaa added branchrelations table and changed branchcategories table to allow 20 years ago
finlayt 9255f92b21 moredetail.pl presents circulation information taken from the 20 years ago
finlayt 277f3490be Changes to circulations: 20 years ago
rangi 8ea1f94eb7 Cleaning out all unused cruft. 20 years ago
truth_nz 9e53e8dbe7 scripts for new acqui.simple system 20 years ago
truth_nz 47c18cfcdc Modifications for new acqui.simple 20 years ago
finlayt 4ecb80c5f2 Fixed typo 20 years ago