40341 Commits (b7dd0d62ddf324a6f54dd3c6f7cb6babcd61ad2d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
rangi 0b9ab3723f Fix for manual invoices 20 years ago
tipaul 28c9f74a6c scripts to manage parameters tables 20 years ago
rangi 0f23c6e75d Fixed apostrophe ' handling 20 years ago
rangi cd96e8c297 Fix for displaying prices 20 years ago
rangi 8e8455789f Making a "fix" to normal title search 20 years ago
rangi bbb2008246 Playing with keyword search trying to speed it up more 20 years ago
rangi 4c20707e76 Fixing bug in subject searching that was causing subjects with ' to break 20 years ago
rangi a9f5a8b858 Fixing bug that was duplicating additional authors, and a bug that was 20 years ago
tonnesen c239fbc711 Changes from a long time ago that I don't even remember anymore. :) 20 years ago
rangi 1a3d705dab Added the facility to restrict a keyword search by dewey number 20 years ago
rangi bb7b308682 Fixing error in keyword search (fixing my mistake from yesterday) 20 years ago
rangi 8ad078f97e Fixing a bug in keyword search was duplicating results 20 years ago
rangi 5374431f08 Modify an adult with guarantees now modifies the guarantees also. 20 years ago
rangi e21914e425 Added a findguarantor routine to search for the guarantor of a given borrower. 20 years ago
rangi 7a7465fe05 Author combined with Title search was not searching the series title field 20 years ago
rangi 79ebd030d6 Fixing reserve handling. 20 years ago
rangi 501cc61c85 Adding the facility to search on just dewey and class 20 years ago
tonnesen 3e37c422fc Added code to determine mysqld version for possibility of converting 20 years ago
tonnesen c910f99b9b Added some more tables to the database updater. Modified barcode to be 20 years ago
tonnesen 95fb76586f Script that will update existing databases, creating any new tables, 20 years ago
tonnesen 40e440ca7c Minor changes 20 years ago
tonnesen 0f86cbbd93 Script that I'm using to check MARC record support. 20 years ago
tonnesen 0ac91af069 Working out problems with MARC record support. 20 years ago
tonnesen bbaab2c754 Modified version of addbooks.pl that uses LCCN as base identifier instead 20 years ago
tonnesen c1fcb1b4e9 Continuing work on Z39.50 search tool. Daemon now forks up to 12 processes 20 years ago
tonnesen 07e2e3780a Minor cleanups. Needs testing. Starting to think about modifying 20 years ago
tonnesen f36ec98fd2 Z39.50 now stores list of servers to query in a database table. 20 years ago
tonnesen 6c764d7e29 Daemon to process the queue of pending Z39.50 searches. I still need 20 years ago
tonnesen dc7619a111 Added Z39.50 searching capability, and MARC file uploading from workstation 20 years ago
tonnesen d89391dbd8 Use MARC controlnumber as a unique identifier for MARC records, in addition 20 years ago
tonnesen aa97d73b39 Typo in printf format string was causing all issues to appear in the 20 years ago
tonnesen ef41a26a6c Fixed bug where a biblioitem with a subclass but no dewey would get the 20 years ago
tonnesen 2d6a87c168 used CGI.pm's textfield function to create the notes text input box. Notes 20 years ago
tonnesen e34beb3b68 Added rudimentary marc importing tool. Just takes a marc record and 20 years ago
tonnesen 62821a4217 Removed duplicate viewmarc.pl from acqui.simple directory 20 years ago
tonnesen 72a30eee9d Added simple acquisitions script 20 years ago
tonnesen 33ab2526f3 Changed search interface to allow searches on Illustrator. This is 20 years ago
tonnesen 1e2d6c40c3 Tested updateItem subroutine, made some better checks for Subfield_IDs and 20 years ago
tonnesen 245d7a8adc Started on updateItem subroutine. 20 years ago
rangi 5f6e10636c Fixing member deletion, so that it checks fines, issues and guarantees 20 years ago
rangi 89cbfd3cd0 Fixing a glitch that was showing the biblio notes field where the 20 years ago
rangi be16259a1b Changed the sorting of the hash of items on issue. To sort numerically, (so 20 years ago
pawelzc 515d95b84f Spelling and english language corrections. 20 years ago
rangi 985eb990fa Script to delete a member/patron 20 years ago
rangi e81f216f08 Fix to handle the delete call, redirects to deletemem.pl 20 years ago
rangi 3144358817 Modified so that the first available language is chosen if none is specified 21 years ago
tonnesen b179127d7c Finished updateBiblioItem subroutine 21 years ago
rangi ecc63eda57 Scripts to permit koha webpages to display in different natural languages 21 years ago
tonnesen 6269ad87bf newBiblio subroutine completed. 21 years ago
tonnesen aab6b66555 Added biblioitems table update when newBiblioItem() routine is called. 21 years ago