40341 Commits (b7dd0d62ddf324a6f54dd3c6f7cb6babcd61ad2d)

Author SHA1 Message Date
tonnesen 3f3ae4cda2 Beginning updateBiblio routine. 21 years ago
tonnesen dafde2c286 Prototype marc record viewer and editor. 21 years ago
tonnesen 66e5d5d5db A TODO file for MARC support 21 years ago
tonnesen 6650354d23 Added skeletons of update routines. 21 years ago
tonnesen 5976596553 Minor documentation changes. 21 years ago
tonnesen 4285d166ca Perl script to convert existing Koha tables to the new MARC tables. 21 years ago
tonnesen 56a240a9f8 SQL commands to clear all of the MARC tables. This is terribly dangerous, 21 years ago
tonnesen 5ced43726a Schema for MARC storage tables. Blatantly stolen from www.pytheas.org. 21 years ago
tonnesen 58b7c86d13 Cataloguing API. Very early draft at this point. 21 years ago
rangi c74ad16d2e Made a little change to allow the reading record to be sorted, and now 21 years ago
rangi 177d7f994e Changed the interim field in the items table, to be paidfor 21 years ago
rangi 2dc62d4bc4 More little bug fixes in the manual credits section 21 years ago
rangi 9eee24c9a2 Changed the way a lost book being returned is handled. 21 years ago
rangi 174e7870da Set up so marking a item lost, adds a charge for the replacement price to a 21 years ago
rangi 696c44c641 Fixed so renewing a rental item adds a charge 21 years ago
rangi a254455342 Added facility to do a cash refund. 21 years ago
rangi f72283e23f Renewing a rental or pay item from the borrowers record screen 21 years ago
tonnesen 91ac7223f6 Steve Tonnesen's K12Admin-specific (for the time-being) group based 21 years ago
tonnesen 3fd3b300c4 Added an overdue variable to the itemdata returned by the currentissues 21 years ago
rangi 4680c9e98a Fixed the code that adds a credit or wipes a lost book charge from a 21 years ago
rangi 462acc56e4 Added functions to add credits and invoices to borrowers account 21 years ago
rangi ce15a83f74 Turned off the tidy accounts feature in the view accounts screen 21 years ago
rangi d0edf609e6 Scripts to add manual invoices, or credits to a borrower/member/patron's 21 years ago
rangi 8f0109b7c8 Fixed a bug in the return lost routine (when a payment is made on a lost item) 21 years ago
rangi a28629608b Quick bodge to restrict the number of returned books showing to 8. 21 years ago
rangi 5f8d3937df Add functionality so that when the replacement cost of a lost item is paid 21 years ago
rangi b2c9dabcf1 Making a change to the way charges are handled, the system originally worked such that if a borrower owed more than $5 issues werent allowed. This worked fine except that often borrowers wish to borrows say 3 pay videos at $2 each, then 2 books say. The three pay videos rack up charges of $6 and then they cant issue the books until that is paid. 21 years ago
rangi fb870fb2c8 Reworking statistics for payments and writeoffs 21 years ago
rangi d8c989af63 Commenting out the code that doesnt allow renewals if a renewal has already occured 21 years ago
rangi 3604bdd166 Adding in javscript code to open a new window for payments 21 years ago
rangi fe1fab2ab5 Reworked layout of issues section. 21 years ago
rangi bddf85dc97 Getting writeoff stats being stored as well 21 years ago
rangi e295b51570 Modified the update stats routine to store borrowernumbers also 21 years ago
rangi c2a70e1811 Changes made by Glen to allow the circulation module to work with a 21 years ago
rangi a001e1d0f9 Script to list overdue books under the headings 21 years ago
rangi fabacc26ef Added code to allow searches to be used by catalogue maintenance 21 years ago
rangi 53f147a340 Added functionality to allow invalid itemtype to be fixed 21 years ago
rangi d467a100b2 Script to shift a group to another biblio, called as part of catalogue maintenance 21 years ago
rangi 003f583b43 Shifted catmaintain.pl to a dir that can be easily passowrd protected 21 years ago
rangi 4d35327d19 Got undeleting biblios going (catalogue maintenance should probably be in a 21 years ago
rangi 96ca30a8ad Just realised this is supposed to be in the acqui/ dir (doh) 21 years ago
rangi f941988e05 Glens updates to automatically increment barcode, and to remove hardcoded itemtypes in scripts 21 years ago
rangi 17bf0d8b9d Modified to include Glen Stewarts automatic member/patron cardnumber incrementation 21 years ago
rangi e0389bac11 Script from Glen Stewart, i think to do with simplified acqusitions module? 21 years ago
rangi eac3a7b19a Database definition file, checked into cvs to make keeping database current easier 21 years ago
rangi c79e7cd4c9 Fixing stupid bug that was causing the sql insert command to break if a person had a ' 21 years ago
rangi 60debf9886 Changing the form so it passes through a modify value to tell the script to show the flags 21 years ago
rangi c8b9187aed Added the functionality to allow librarians to manipulate the flag status on borrowers 21 years ago
rangi 77e0a9ef76 Fixing " glitch in titles 21 years ago
rangi 6c57284b78 Fixing a bug in the opac search that meant that titles that contained " were 21 years ago