62 Commits (bdfb78a69a1f78488b800bd38392c60812717cc7)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Blou bdfb78a69a Bug 23929: Invoice adjustments should filter inactive funds 4 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 5aba38fdae Bug 24157: Handle the case where logged in user does not have edit_invoices 11 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 110e0acb5c Bug 24157: (follow-up) New permission - delete_invoices 11 months ago
  Owen Leonard 6638e9de8c Bug 24157: (follow-up) Conditionally show controls to reopen and close invoice 1 year ago
  Jonathan Druart d3c8b8fe54 Bug 24157: New permission - edit_invoices 1 year ago
  Jonathan Druart f10acb07e6 Bug 24157: New permission - reopen_closed_invoices 1 year ago
  Katrin Fischer f98f2edf0a Bug 25545: (follow-up) Fix capitalization 1 year ago
  Nick Clemens 286a739b5c Bug 25545: Add adjustments to total tax included 1 year ago
  Katrin Fischer 31413de662
Bug 24404: Add missing space on invoices page / remove . from status 1 year ago
  Owen Leonard fad70512c0
Bug 11514: Untranslatable "Uncertain" text in acq 2 years ago
  Nick Clemens 19aebacf7c Bug 22498: Rename variable for budgets loop for invoice adjustments 2 years ago
  Kyle Hall 831531d3bb Bug 14850: Funds from inactive budgets appear in 'Funds' dropdown on acqui/invoice.pl 2 years ago
  Owen Leonard 6c7c97f67c Bug 22015: Move DataTables CSS to global include 2 years ago
  Katrin Fischer ae85590a32 Bug 22171: Fix shipping cost display on invoice 2 years ago
  Katrin Fischer 619d97b91d Bug 22110: Fix editing of adjustments for CurrencyFormat != US 2 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 5825026448 Bug 21526: uri escape TT variables when used in 'a href' 2 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 59757c1f5b Bug 21669: Do not html filter TT assignement statements 2 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 448dd50cf5 Bug 21454: Remove html filter for Price filtered variables 2 years ago
  Nick Clemens a3e8e12364 Bug 18639: Add replacementprice field to acquisitions workflow 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart dcd1f5d48c Bug 13618: Add html filters to all the variables 6 years ago
  Nick Clemens 7d7cd25f4c Bug 19166: (follow-up) Adjust table and files and QA issues 2 years ago
  Nick Clemens 5bd7acfbb0 Bug 19166: (follow-up) Reformat the new adjustments markup 2 years ago
  Nick Clemens 0766610f86 Bug 19166: (follow-up) Add ADJ_REASON auhtorised value category and minor fixes 3 years ago
  Nick Clemens 7465acb98b Bug 19166: Get correct value for encumbering when open for new lines 3 years ago
  Nick Clemens 2d99b46715 Bug 19166: Add the ability to add adjustments to an invoice 3 years ago
  Owen Leonard 18c0eb1301 Bug 20668: Update two-column templates with Bootstrap grid: Acquisitions part 2 3 years ago
  Julian Maurice ed7543287b Bug 20538: Remove the need of writing [% KOHA_VERSION %] everywhere 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 391bc7623c Bug 20318: Add class 'required' to the label 3 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 0ad922011c Bug 12904: Force browser to load new javascript files after upgrade 3 years ago
  Owen Leonard 1a13244076 Bug 19753: Move template JavaScript to the footer: Acquisitions 3 years ago
  Aleisha Amohia 0ec74621ca Bug 19401: Add confirm message when deleting invoice 3 years ago
  Katrin Fischer cbb5096934 Bug 11122: Follow up - Fix some display issues and typos 4 years ago
  Fridolyn SOMERS c59e395b74 Bug 11122 - publisher code and publication year not fetched in acq orders 7 years ago
  Jonathan Druart cb3d6625e8 Bug 14541: Do not truncate tax rate values 4 years ago
  Julian Maurice 36fb4a34a6 Bug 13321: Fix table display in invoice page 4 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 20d9ed618f Bug 13321: Rename variables 6 years ago
  Kyle Hall e87cf98c2e Bug 15164 - Allow editing of the invoice number after initial saving 4 years ago
  Jonathan Druart f91ed3d8bf Bug 14060: Remove readonly attributes on date inputs 6 years ago
  Julian Maurice 27770b7c8f Bug 16238: Use .prop() instead of .attr() for 'checked' 5 years ago
  Owen Leonard 6381d1853d Bug 16241 - Move staff client CSS out of language directory 5 years ago
  Kyle Hall 8e9e56d0d4 Bug 11203 - Datatables in acqusitions do not ignore "stopwords" in titles 7 years ago
  Owen Leonard 080ae7a8b9 Bug 16321 - 'Show all details' checkbox triggers JS error after jQuery upgrade 5 years ago
  Marc Véron 52c77ad914 Bug 16089: (Follow up) Display currency symbol properly 5 years ago
  Kyle Hall a8942c2884 Revert bug 13618 - "Prevent XSS in the Staff Client and the OPAC" due to performance issues 5 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 7db851ff03 Bug 13618: Remove html filters at the intranet 6 years ago
  Katrin Fischer 3f68107b10 Bug 14853: Change 'Fund' to 'Shipping fund' 5 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 431d217a51 Bug 10181: Acq - Improve message for deleted records 6 years ago
  Frédéric Demians b38370ff83 Bug 13941: [2/2] Fix <body> tags missing id/class 6 years ago
  Jonathan Druart 4318eeef5f Bug 12976: Use the centralize VAT and prices calculation - invoice.pl 6 years ago
  Katrin Fischer d9c99b6f5e Bug 12059: Publisher column on invoice page always empty 6 years ago