12 Commits (d10513dfc0d47846fdb874b0a62ce9c8c7107644)

Author SHA1 Message Date
Te Rauhina Jackson d10513dfc0 Bug 20019: use Modern::Perl in misc perl scripts 5 years ago
Mark Tompsett a6de8f50b1 Bug 18907: Build has deprecating message 6 years ago
Mirko Tietgen 0c5905843d Bug 17618: perl-modules Debian package name change 6 years ago
Mirko Tietgen 53f8916fe7 Bug 17085 - Specify libmojolicious-perl min version 7 years ago
Mirko Tietgen 347c3b68d7 Bug 17043 - debian/list-deps fixes, master edition 7 years ago
Jesse Weaver 8599b1dc5d Bug 12393 - Depend on SSL module for LWP, for OverDrive 9 years ago
Robin Sheat cf9b9bfbca Bug 12234 - dependency changes to allow master to build 9 years ago
Robin Sheat 93a802459f Bug 9592 - update dependencies, allow blacklisting 10 years ago
Robin Sheat 42915154d4 Bug 8235 - allow a whitelist of modules that aren't in Debian 11 years ago
Galen Charlton 02b9e03567 applied paranoia 13 years ago
Lars Wirzenius 73152b7ac4 Remove dependencies on perl-base. 13 years ago
Lars Wirzenius 2fcc4fe94e Add tools to update debian/control's build dependencies. 13 years ago