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Tomás Cohen Arazi f1dca080d4 Bug 28463: Add tags definitions in swagger.yaml 1 year ago
Tomás Cohen Arazi 051a06e69b Bug 28370: Add missing additionalProperties in spec 1 year ago
Agustin Moyano 6853a2d7f6 Bug 23019: (follow-up) Fix test permissions and API definition bugs 2 years ago
Agustin Moyano 9f5596afd6 Bug 23019: (follow-up) Fix other things 2 years ago
Agustin Moyano 0001155429 Bug 23019: (follow-up) Fix usability issues 2 years ago
Agustin Moyano 8b3a108558 Bug 23019: Add profiles to stage-import-batch and magnage-import-batch pages 2 years ago