Main Koha release repository
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Jonathan Druart 7a1b35c9d0
Bug 32030: Add Apache RewriteRule
9 months ago
z3950 Bug 25716: (QA follow-up) Make sure a comment doesn't break tests 3 months ago
zebradb Bug 15048: Index all possible searched subfields for index-term-genre 3 months ago
README.txt Add configuration file helper to the installer 16 years ago
SIPconfig.xml Bug 31236: Add ability to send custom item fields via SIP using Template Toolkit 5 months ago
apache.conf Bug 20582: Add very simple configuration file for Apache 2 years ago
koha-conf.xml Bug 25716: (QA follow-up) Move additional options to etc/z3950/config.xml 3 months ago
koha-httpd.conf Bug 32030: Add Apache RewriteRule 3 months ago
koha-worker.service Bug 28519: Put CGI::Session::Serialize::yamlxs in lib directory 2 years ago
log4perl.conf Bug 31469: log4perl.conf: Add %n to conversionpattern for Plack 4 months ago
nginx.conf Bug 20582: Turn Koha into a Mojolicious application 2 years ago


Koha Configuration Files:

The following files specify the base configuration for Koha ZOOM:

* koha-httpd.conf
In a debian system, this apache configuration file will be symlinked
from /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
Specify Koha's IP address with NameVirtualHost
Set ServerName, etc

* koha-production.xml
* koha-testing.xml
These are the production and testing configurations for zebrasrv and for Koha.
The first part of each file specifies Zebra server names, indexing configuration files,
and query language configurations. Koha configuration directives follow.

* zebra-authorities.cfg
* zebra-biblios.cfg