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Jonathan Druart 26cce9e1c4
Bug 32349: Remove find-nonutf8 tests
3 weeks ago
author Bug 31590: Remove Text::CSV::Unicode 4 months ago
api.t Bug 30194: (follow-up) Fix xt/api.t 10 months ago
check_makefile.t Bug 32352: Make xt/check_makefile.t check directories in git index 2 months ago
find-license-problems.t Bug 21395: Make perlcritic happy 3 years ago
find-misplaced-executables.t Bug 26384: Add .t extension to make the script executed by CI 2 years ago
find-missing-filters.t Bug 21576: Keep compatibility with QA script 4 years ago
perltidyrc bug: 2269 - adding a perltidyrc file 15 years ago
single_quotes.t Bug 21395: Make perlcritic happy 3 years ago
tt_valid.t Bug 16174: Warning in tt_valid.t due to bug 15527 7 years ago
verify-debian-docbook.t Bug 20020: use Modern::Perl in XT scripts 5 years ago
vue_tidy.t Bug 32130: Add a test to ensure vue files will be kept tidy 3 months ago Bug 17600: Standardize our EXPORT_OK 2 years ago
yaml_valid.t Bug 28617: (QA follow-up) Restore FindBin in two places 1 year ago