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Martin Renvoize 0141b797d7
Bug 22509: (RM follow-up) Add use of Koha::Script base class
5 years ago
C4 Bug 23103: (QA follow-up) Return undef implicitly 5 years ago
Koha Bug 22944: avoid AnonymousPatron in search_patrons_to_anonymise 5 years ago
OpenILS Bug 9239 QA follow-up: remove stray debug code 11 years ago
acqui Bug 4833: (QA follow-up) Add budgetname to SearchSuggestion 5 years ago
admin Bug 23034: (RM follow-up) Consistent coding style 5 years ago
api/v1 Bug 9834: (QA follow-up) API Corrections 5 years ago
authorities Bug 19994: Used Modern::Perl in Authorities perl scripts 5 years ago
basket Bug 21993: Display a user-friendly message when the CSRF token is wrong 5 years ago
catalogue Bug 22424: Add search by all lost statuses to item search 5 years ago
cataloguing Bug 23117: Shortcut on nonexistent biblionumber 5 years ago
circ Bug 22617: Fix checkout notes typo in manage_checkout_notes permission usage 5 years ago
clubs Bug 18632: Remove 'CGI::param called in list context' warnings 7 years ago
course_reserves Bug 21003: Removed warning and changed wording on 5 years ago
debian Bug 23090: Add some special characters 5 years ago
docs Bug 23130: Add David Nind to contributors 5 years ago
errors Bug 19998: use Modern::Perl in error perl scripts 6 years ago
etc Bug 15704: Split up Zebra indexing of RDA 264 information 5 years ago
ill Bug 21460: (follow-up) Fix bugs found in QA 5 years ago
installer Bug 23168: Enable plugins using plain SQL 5 years ago
koha-tmpl Bug 22862: (QA follow-up) Make regexes match 5 years ago
labels Bug 21206: Replace C4::Items::GetItem 5 years ago
members Bug 22910: Do not copy unique patron attributes to duplicated patron 5 years ago
misc Bug 22509: (RM follow-up) Add use of Koha::Script base class 5 years ago
offline_circ Bug 22600: Add 'interface' to accountlines 5 years ago
opac Bug 23115: Tweak display of totals on 'Fines and charges' page 5 years ago
patron_lists Bug 19524: Use existing logged_in_user variable 5 years ago
patroncards Bug 21719: Fix typos 5 years ago
plugins Bug 21073: (QA follow-up) Avoid unnecessary unless/else construct 5 years ago
reports Bug 22090: Add missing information to cash register CSV file 5 years ago
reserve Bug 19302: Send koha::objects to C4::Reserves::IsAvailableForItemLevelRequest 5 years ago
reviews Bug 18789: Send Koha::Patron object to the templates 6 years ago
rotating_collections Bug 21500: Remove warnings in rotating collections 5 years ago
serials Bug 11492: (follow-up) Don't pass publisheddatetext param to NewIssue 5 years ago
services Bug 20019: use Modern::Perl in misc perl scripts 6 years ago
skel Bug 11078: Add locking to rebuild_zebra 10 years ago
suggestion Bug 22905: (QA follow-up) remove bad warn 5 years ago
svc Bug 23144: (QA follow-up) Fix another POD error in svc/barcode 5 years ago
t Bug 22944: remove obsolete unit test 5 years ago
tags Bug 22036: Indented code where '^I' was written rather than an indent. 5 years ago
tmp/modified_authorities changing DO_NOT_REMOVE to README.txt 16 years ago
tools Bug 22888: Use DataTables for Koha news table filtering 5 years ago
virtualshelves Bug 22941: Do not return 500 if sortfield contain parenthesis 5 years ago
xt Bug 21576: Keep compatibility with QA script 5 years ago
.editorconfig Bug 12545: Add file to the source tree 9 years ago
.gitignore Bug 20427: Convert OPAC LESS to SCSS 5 years ago
.htaccess Fix file permissions: if it is not a script, it should not be executable. 14 years ago
.mailmap Update mailmap - Jonathan Druart 7 years ago
.scss-lint.yml Bug 21237: Clean up staff client SCSS 5 years ago
INSTALL Bug 17626: Remove existing install instructions and link to the wiki pages instead 7 years ago Bug 22653: DBRev 5 years ago
LICENSE Bug 9440 - update Koha's LICENSE file from GPL2 to GPL3 11 years ago
MANIFEST.SKIP Bug 9546 : Updating make manifest tardist 11 years ago
Makefile.PL Bug 21626: (QA follow-up) Embed teams.yaml for debian packages 5 years ago
README Bug 9440 - update Koha's LICENSE file from GPL2 to GPL3 11 years ago Bug 15465: Fix typo in 7 years ago
README.robots Bug 6411 add another example to README.robots 13 years ago Bug 21626: (QA follow-up) Don't crash on missing teams file 5 years ago Bug 21299: (QA follow-up) Rename module and subroutine 5 years ago
fix-perl-path.PL Bug 9978: (followup) Replace license header with the correct license (GPLv3+) 9 years ago
gulpfile.js Bug 21751: Replace fixFloat with HC-sticky to fix Chrome display 5 years ago Bug 19817: Use the language from the interface if valid 5 years ago Bug 20019: use Modern::Perl in misc perl scripts 6 years ago Bug 13758: Move the Koha version from 9 years ago Bug 21907: Fix article requests count for non-superlibrarians 5 years ago
package.json Bug 19474: Convert staff client CSS to SCSS 5 years ago
rewrite-config.PL Bug 14302: Remove GRS1 specific code 5 years ago
yarn.lock Bug 19474: Convert staff client CSS to SCSS 5 years ago

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