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use strict;
use CGI;
use C4::Output;
use C4::Auth;
use C4::Context;
use Date::Manip;
use C4::Stats;
use Text::CSV_XS;
&Date_Init("DateFormat=non-US"); # set non-USA date, eg:19/08/2005
my $csv = Text::CSV_XS->new(
'quote_char' => '"',
'escape_char' => '"',
'sep_char' => ',',
'binary' => 1
my $input=new CGI;
my $time=$input->param('time');
my $time2=$input->param('time2');
my @loop1;
my @loop2;
my $date;
my $date2;
if ($time eq 'yesterday'){
if ($time eq 'today'){
if ($time eq 'daybefore'){
$date=ParseDate('2 days ago');
if ($time eq 'month') {
$date = ParseDate('1 month ago');
$date2 = ParseDate('today');
if ($time=~ /\//){
$date2=ParseDateDelta('+ 1 day');
if ($time eq ''){
if ($time2 ne ''){
my $date=UnixDate($date,'%Y-%m-%d');
my $date2=UnixDate($date2,'%Y-%m-%d');
#warn "MASON: DATE: $date, $date2";
#get a list of every payment
my @payments=TotalPaid($date,$date2);
my $count=@payments;
# print "MASON: number of payments=$count\n";
my $i=0;
my $totalcharges=0;
my $totalcredits=0;
my $totalpaid=0;
my $totalwritten=0;
# lets get a a list of all individual item charges paid for by that payment
while ($i<$count ){
my $count;
my @charges;
if ($payments[$i]{'type'} ne 'writeoff'){ # lets ignore writeoff payments!.
@charges=getcharges($payments[$i]{'borrowernumber'}, $payments[$i]{'timestamp'}, $payments[$i]{'proccode'});
# getting each of the charges and putting them into a array to be printed out
#this loops per charge per person
for (my $i2=0;$i2<$count;$i2++){
my $hour=substr($payments[$i]{'timestamp'},8,2);
my $min=substr($payments[$i]{'timestamp'},10,2);
my $sec=substr($payments[$i]{'timestamp'},12,2);
my $time="$hour:$min:$sec";
my $time2="$payments[$i]{'date'}";
# my $branch=Getpaidbranch($time2,$payments[$i]{'borrowernumber'});
my $branch=$payments[$i]{'branch'};
my @rows1 = ($branch, # lets build up a row
# rounding amounts to 2dp and adding dollar sign to make excel read it as currency format
"\$".sprintf("%.2f", $charges[$i2]->{'amount'}),
push (@loop1, \@rows1);
$totalpaid = $totalpaid + $payments[$i]->{'value'};
} else {
$i++; #increment the while loop
#get credits and append to the bottom of payments
my @credits=getcredits($date,$date2);
my $count=@credits;
my $i=0;
while ($i<$count ){
my @rows2 = ($credits[$i]->{'branchcode'},
push (@loop2, \@rows2);
$totalcredits = $totalcredits + $credits[$i]->{'amount'};
#takes off first char minus sign "-100.00"
$totalcredits = substr($totalcredits, 1);
print $input->header(
-type => 'application/',
-attachment => "stats.csv",
print "Branch, Datetime, Surname, Firstnames, Description, Type, Invoice amount, Payment type, Payment Amount\n";
for my $row ( @loop1 ) {
my $string = $csv->string;
print $string, "\n";
print ",,,,,,,\n";
for my $row ( @loop2 ) {
my $string = $csv->string;
print $string, "\n";
print ",,,,,,,\n";
print ",,,,,,,\n";
print ",,Total Amount Paid, $totalpaid\n";
print ",,Total Number Written, $totalwritten\n";
print ",,Total Amount Credits, $totalcredits\n";