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# This Koha test module is a stub!
# Add more tests here!!!
use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More tests => 4;
my $transaction = C4::SIP::ILS::Transaction::RenewAll->new();
$transaction->patron(my $patron = C4::SIP::ILS::Patron->new(23529000120056));
ok(defined $patron, "patron code: 23529000120056 is valid");
my $transaction2 = C4::SIP::ILS::Transaction::RenewAll->new();
$transaction2->patron(my $patron2 = C4::SIP::ILS::Patron->new("ABCDE12345"));
#This test assumes that the patron code ABCDE12345 is invalid
ok(!defined $patron2, "patron code: ABCDE12345 is invalid");
ok($transaction->do_renew_all(), "items renewed correctly");