Main Koha release repository
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Tomás Cohen Arazi 12b6d1f792 Bug 23666: (QA follow-up) Fix wrong required permissions 1 year ago
acquisitions_funds.json Bug 24321: Clean /acquisitions/funds 3 years ago
acquisitions_orders.json Bug 20212: Add more embeddable objects to orders 2 years ago
acquisitions_vendors.json Bug 25048: Make successful resource deletion return 204 2 years ago
advancededitormacros.json Bug 25502: Adapt Advanced macros routes to current guidelines 2 years ago
biblios.json Bug 27352: Add GET /biblios/:biblio_id/items 2 years ago
cash_registers.json Bug 26273: (follow-up) Add 'Cashier' to the cashups table 1 year ago
checkouts.json Bug 24083: Add support for unseen_renewals 2 years ago
circulation-rules.json Bug 18936: (follow-up) Update REST definition for /.../kinds 3 years ago
cities.json Bug 25279: Add general query parameters to the /cities route 2 years ago
clubs.json Bug 27330: (QA follow-up) Return 409 instead 2 years ago
config_smtp_servers.json Bug 22343: API routes for SMTP servers CRUD 2 years ago
holds.json Bug 18729: (follow-up) Adjust API to new spec 1 year ago
ill_backends.json Bug 22615: Add endpoint for getting one ill backend 2 years ago
illrequests.json Bug 25944: Schema fix for illrequests route 2 years ago
import_batch_profiles.json Bug 23019: (follow-up) Fix test permissions and API definition bugs 2 years ago
items.json Bug 23667: Add spec 3 years ago
libraries.json Bug 26595: Embed the whole smtp_server object 2 years ago
oauth.json Bug 20402: Implement OAuth2 authentication for REST API 4 years ago
patrons.json Bug 27855: Add 'extended_attributes' embedding to the spec 1 year ago
patrons_account.json Bug 23607: Make /patrons/:patron_id/account staff only 3 years ago
patrons_extended_attributes.json Bug 23666: (QA follow-up) Fix wrong required permissions 1 year ago
patrons_holds.json Bug 27366: Spec changes 1 year ago
patrons_password.json Bug 17006: OpenAPI spec 4 years ago
public_patrons.json Bug 23584: Add spec for PUT /public/patron/:patron_id/guarantors 3 years ago
quotes.json Bug 27251: Rewrite QOTD with the Koha REST API 2 years ago
return_claims.json Bug 14697: (QA follow-up) Organize tests in subtests 3 years ago
rotas.json Bug 11897: Use 'stockrotation' permission for the endpoint 4 years ago
transfer_limits.yaml Bug 26633: Add API documentation 1 year ago