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Jonathan Druart 354ee6d427 Bug 13645: Cache the DBIx connection 8 years ago
Acquisition Bug 13319: Fix Koha::Acq::Order should set parent_ordernumber 8 years ago
Circulation Bug 13297 - Shelving location PROC does not work according to manual 8 years ago
Holds Bug 11126: (RM followup) remove diags from tests 8 years ago
Koha Bug 11425: Add unit tests 8 years ago
LDAP DB-dependent tests moved 15 years ago
Labels Bug 8375: (follow-up) adjust another test case for change in fonts 8 years ago
Letters Bug 13215: Fix GetLetterTemplates should return default templates if branchcode is not defined 8 years ago
Members Bug 12457: Allow UT on a non empty database 8 years ago
Record 7661 Followup for resolving moved Record test 11 years ago
Reports Bug 8594 - prevent the report system from breaking some subqueries 10 years ago
Search Bug 10807: Add an authority search history for the OPAC 8 years ago
Serials Bug 12896: (QA followup) use C4::Bookseller in t/db_dependent/Serials/Claims.t 8 years ago
Utils Bug 12833: Patron search should search on extended attributes 8 years ago
XSLT_Handler Bug 13262 - Add parameters to XSLT Handler transform method 8 years ago
data Bug 12419: (QA followup) regression tests 8 years ago
www Bug 13579: Prefer like instead of ok to match a regex 8 years ago
00-strict.t Bug 7844: (follow-up) don't test koha.psgi for ability to compile (yet) 8 years ago
Accounts.t Bug 5327 Made test file for 12 years ago
Acquisition.t Bug 12896: Move the bookseller-related code into Koha::Acquisition::Bookseller 8 years ago
Amazon.t Bug 5327 - Now we are doing db calls, we need to shift this to t/db_dependent 12 years ago
Auth.t Bug 11944: use CGI( -utf8 ) everywhere 8 years ago
Auth_with_cas.t Bug 12398: (followup) tidy unit tests 8 years ago
Auth_with_ldap.t Bug 12831: (RM followup) regression test 8 years ago
AuthoritiesMarc.t Bug 7442: (follow-up) adjust UNIMARC test case to match change in BuildSummary() 8 years ago
BackgroundJob.t Bug 11944: use CGI( -utf8 ) everywhere 8 years ago
Barcodes.t Bug 6448 [2/3] Barcodes::EAN13 autoBarcode 10 years ago
Biblio.t Bug 12674: (regression tests) GetMarcISSN should not return empty ISSN 8 years ago
Bookseller.t Bug 10900 - Follow up, since more has been added to master 8 years ago
Borrower.t Bug 13019: (follow-up) Remove smartmatch operator 8 years ago
Borrower_Debarments.t Bug 12416: add new tests of DelUniqueDebarment 8 years ago
Borrower_Files.t Bug 12417: adding the units tests of the module 8 years ago
Borrowers.t Bug 13019 [QA Followup] - Allow find() and search() to be called as static methods 8 years ago
Branch.t Bug 9530: Follow-up - Fix t/db_dependent/Branch.t 8 years ago
Breeding.t Bug 12898: (regression test) test terms inside double quotes 8 years ago
Budgets.t Bug 12958: Set a fund owner to a fund hierarchy 8 years ago
Category.t Bug 11543: (followup) add one more test 9 years ago
Charset.t Bug 8218 : Add a maintenance script to sanitize biblio records 8 years ago
Circulation.t Bug 10900 - Incorrect calling conventions accessing C4::Context 8 years ago
Circulation_Branch.t Bug 10683: (follow-up) improvements to the unit tests 9 years ago
Circulation_Issuingrule.t Bug 11577 : Fixing a tiny copy/paste issue 8 years ago
Circulation_OfflineOperation.t Bug 10710: (follow-up) perltidy new code 9 years ago
Circulation_issue.t Bug 11629: (folllow-up) fix various issues 8 years ago
Circulation_issuingrules.t Bug 11934: (follow-up) tidy up whitespace 9 years ago
Circulation_transfers.t Bug 11470: fix occassional spurious test failure in Circulation_transfers.t 9 years ago
ClassSource.t Bug 10644: (follow-up) remove inadvertant dependence on Perl 5.14 9 years ago
ColumnsSettings.t Bug 10212: Columns configuration for tables - Unit tests 8 years ago
Context.t Bug 12808: remove useless diags from t/db_dependent/Context.t 8 years ago
Contract.t Bug 12487: SQLHelper replacement - C4::Contract 8 years ago
CourseReserves.t Bug 10332: further improvements to course reserves tests 9 years ago
Csv.t Bug 10853: (follow-up) expand unit tests for C4::Csv 9 years ago
External_BakerTaylor.t Bug 5327: Unit tests for C4/Exteral/ 11 years ago
Heading_MARC21.t Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/new/bug_7284' 11 years ago
Holds.t Bug 13075: (followup) remove remaining warnings 8 years ago
HoldsQueue.t Bug 11258: fix another case where holds queue made transfer requests that contradict the library holds policy 8 years ago
Holidays.t Bug 13451: Holidays.t assumes default data 8 years ago
ILSDI_Services.t Bug 11944: use CGI( -utf8 ) everywhere 8 years ago
ImportBatch.t Bug 11876 [Unit test] Add a diff view to staged MARC Records 8 years ago
Installer.t Bug 11541: (follow-up) move Installer.t to t/db_dependent 9 years ago
Items.t Bug 13562: Fix item search on item MARC subfields 8 years ago
Items_DelItem.t Bug 12583: (followup) rename new test file 8 years ago
KitchenSinkPlugin.kpz Bug 7804 - Add Koha Plugin System - QA Followup 3 - Additional Unit Tests 10 years ago
Koha.t Bug 13453: Koha.t daily quote tests assume sample data 8 years ago
Koha_Authority.t Bug 5202: merge authorities from the authority file and reservoir 9 years ago
Koha_Database.t Bug 13645: Cache the DBIx connection 8 years ago
Koha_Misc_Files.t Bug 3050: QA follow-up 8 years ago
Koha_borrower_modifications.t Bug 12623: SQLHelper replacement - Borrower::Modifications 8 years ago
Koha_template_plugin_Branches.t Bug 10900 - Follow up, since more has been added to master 8 years ago
Koha_template_plugin_KohaDates.t Bug 12669: Centralize the timezone handle into Koha::DateUtils 8 years ago
Languages.t Bug 7841: add a direct regression test 8 years ago
Letters.t Bug 12896: Move the bookseller-related code into Koha::Acquisition::Bookseller 8 years ago
Linker_FirstMatch.t Bug 7724: Skip Linker test if Zebra isn't set up 11 years ago
Log.t Fixing a broken test 11 years ago
MarcModificationTemplates.t Bug 11413: Fix field_numbers 8 years ago
Members.t Bug 10900: 2 occurrences more 8 years ago
Members_Attributes.t Bug 12427: Allow execution of UTs on a DB with issues 8 years ago
Members_columns.t Bug 7785: (follow-up) standardize POD 9 years ago
MungeMarcPrice.t Bug 9593: (follow-up) don't make currency.isocode required 8 years ago
NewsChannels.t Bug 7567: (follow-up) make tests of get_opac_new more readable 8 years ago
Overdues.t Bug 9180: All branches should be returned if a default rule exists 8 years ago
PatronLists.t Bug 10565: (follow-up) don't assume borrowernumber 1 exists in unit test 9 years ago
Plugins.t Bug 9909: Don't install KitchenSink plugin if plugin dir isn't writable 10 years ago
QueryParser.t Bug 12738: (regression tests) C4::Context should set keyword search as default for QueryParser 8 years ago
Ratings.t Bug 12609: Add some unit tests for C4::Ratings 8 years ago
Record.t Bug 11826: Use XSLT handler object in showmarc, 8 years ago
RecordProcessor_EmbedSeeFromHeadings.t Bug 7417: Include see from references in bibliographic searches 10 years ago
Reports.t Bug 5327: Shifting a db dependent test to the right place 11 years ago
ReportsGuided.t Bug 13141: (QA Followup) Update number of unit tests 8 years ago
Reports_Guided.t Bug 11672: (followup) warnings tested 8 years ago
Reserves.t Bug 13116 - Make it possible to propagate errors from C4::Reserves::CanItemBeReserved() to the web-templates. 8 years ago
RotatingCollections.t Bug 8836: (RM followup) unit tests should use the new API 8 years ago
SIP_ILS.t Bug 7904: (QA followup) fix tests 8 years ago
SQLHelper.t Bug 11425: (followup) fix number of tests 8 years ago
Search.t Bug 13088: (RM followup) add missing pref mock 8 years ago
Search_SearchHistory.t Bug 10807: (follow-up) remove comment about routine that is no longer present 8 years ago
Serials.t Bug 12850: C4::Serials::GetLateIssues can be removed 8 years ago
Serials_2.t Bug 5342: Serial claiming improvements: add a counter 8 years ago
Service.t Bug 5477 [SIGN-OFF] Fix test cases that require database access 12 years ago
ShelfBrowser.t Bug 10856: Improve the previous and next items on the shelf browser 9 years ago
Stats.t Bug 11230 - Refactor C4::Stats::UpdateStats and add UT 8 years ago
SuggestionEngine_ExplodedTerms.t Bug 12653: remaining prog reference in t/db_dependent/SuggestionEngine_ExplodedTerms.t 8 years ago
Suggestions.t Bug 13007: Special case budgetid == '' 8 years ago
Tags.t Bug 12916 - Missing Test to demonstrate warnings. 8 years ago
Templates.t Bug 12918: fix failing test case 8 years ago
UploadedFile.t t/UploadedFile, updated comment 11 years ago
VirtualShelves.t Bug 9032: (follow-up) restore documented intepretation of virtualshelfshares.sharedate 8 years ago
VirtualShelves_Page.t Bug 5477 [SIGN-OFF] Fix test cases that require database access 12 years ago
XISBN.t Bug 12782: (followup) skip tests that fail because of provider's error 8 years ago
XSLT_Handler.t Bug 13262: (QA followup) fix duplicate variable definition 8 years ago
check_sysprefs.t Bug 8353 follow-up: Perltidy new test 10 years ago Bug 12738: (regression tests) C4::Context should set keyword search as default for QueryParser 8 years ago
rollingloans.t Bug 5549 : Fixing the test to only run if the test data exists 11 years ago
sysprefs.t Bug 10325: (follow-up) add test for overriding system preferences 9 years ago Bug 12651: DOM indexing is the default 8 years ago