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Tomás Cohen Arazi 4ba67994a9
Bug 24321: Clean /libraries
3 years ago
acquisitions_funds.t Bug 23843: Make funds endpoint tests more robust 3 years ago
acquisitions_vendors.t Bug 24321: Clean /acquisitions/vendors 3 years ago
auth.t Bug 22061: Add a /public namespace that can be switched on/off 4 years ago
auth_authenticate_api_request.t Bug 22071: Regression tests 4 years ago
auth_basic.t Bug 22132: (QA follow-up) set_password now expects a hashref 4 years ago
biblios.t Bug 24232: Regression tests 3 years ago
checkouts.t Bug 17005: Test for checked_in parameter 3 years ago
cities.t Bug 24321: Clean /cities 3 years ago
clubs_holds.t Bug 19618: Add tests 3 years ago
holds.t Bug 23710: (follow-up) Add tests for new features in Koha::REST::V!::Holds::add and return error when hold date in future is not allowed and it is passed as parameter 3 years ago
illrequests.t Bug 18589: (follow-up) Add borrowernumber test 3 years ago
items.t Bug 23667: Add route to GET /items 3 years ago
libraries.t Bug 24321: Clean /libraries 3 years ago
oauth.t Bug 23146: Unit tests 3 years ago
patrons.t Bug 23860: Update tests to new style 3 years ago
patrons_accounts.t Bug 23805: Update 'Pay' to 'PAYMENT' for consistency 3 years ago
patrons_password.t Bug 22483: (follow-up) Fix wrong tests higlighted by bug 3 years ago
return_claims.t Bug 14697: (QA follow-up) Organize tests in subtests 3 years ago
stockrotationstage.t Bug 11897: Use 'stockrotation' permission for the endpoint 4 years ago