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# Copyright ByWater Solutions 2015
# This file is part of Koha.
# Koha is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
# under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
# the Free Software Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or
# (at your option) any later version.
# Koha is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but
# WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of
# GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License
# along with Koha; if not, see <>.
use Modern::Perl;
use Carp;
use File::Basename;
use Getopt::Long qw(:config no_ignore_case);
use Pod::Usage;
use Koha::Config;
use Koha::Z3950Responder;
=head1 SYNOPSIS [-h|--help] [--man] [-a <pdufile>] [-v <loglevel>] [-l <logfile>] [-u <user>]
[-c <config>] [-t <minutes>] [-k <kilobytes>] [-d <daemon>] [-p <pidfile>]
[-C certfile] [-zKiDST1] [-m <time-format>] [-w <directory>] [--debug]
[--add-item-status=SUBFIELD] [--prefetch=NUM_RECORDS] [--config-dir=<directory>]
[<listener-addr>... ]
=head1 OPTIONS
See for more information about YAZ options
not described below.
=over 8
=item B<--help>
Prints a brief usage message and exits.
=item B<--man>
Displays manual page and exits.
=item B<--debug>
Turns on debug logging to the screen and the single-process mode.
=item B<--add-item-status=SUBFIELD>
If given, adds item status information to the given subfield.
=item B<--add-status-multi-subfield>
With the above, instead of putting multiple item statuses in one subfield, adds a subfield for each
status string.
=item B<--prefetch=NUM_RECORDS>
Number of records to prefetch. Defaults to 20.
=item B<--config-dir=directory>
Directory where to find configuration files required for proper operation. Defaults to z3950 under
the Koha config directory.
The item status strings added by B<--add-item-status> can be configured with the B<Z3950_STATUS>
authorized value, using the following keys:
=over 4
=item LOST
=item ON_HOLD
my $add_item_status_subfield;
my $add_status_multi_subfield;
my $debug = 0;
my $help;
my $man;
my $prefetch = 20;
my $config_dir = '';
my @yaz_options;
sub add_yaz_option {
my ( $opt_name, $opt_value ) = @_;
push @yaz_options, "-$opt_name", "$opt_value";
sub pass_yaz_option {
my ( $opt_name ) = @_;
push @yaz_options, "-$opt_name";
'-h|help' => \$help,
'--man' => \$man,
'--debug' => \$debug,
'--add-item-status=s' => \$add_item_status_subfield,
'--add-status-multi-subfield' => \$add_status_multi_subfield,
'--prefetch=i' => \$prefetch,
'--config-dir=s' => \$config_dir,
# Pass through YAZ options.
'a=s' => \&add_yaz_option,
'v=s' => \&add_yaz_option,
'l=s' => \&add_yaz_option,
'u=s' => \&add_yaz_option,
'c=s' => \&add_yaz_option,
't=s' => \&add_yaz_option,
'k=s' => \&add_yaz_option,
'd=s' => \&add_yaz_option,
'p=s' => \&add_yaz_option,
'C=s' => \&add_yaz_option,
'm=s' => \&add_yaz_option,
'w=s' => \&add_yaz_option,
'z' => \&pass_yaz_option,
'K' => \&pass_yaz_option,
'i' => \&pass_yaz_option,
'D' => \&pass_yaz_option,
'S' => \&pass_yaz_option,
'T' => \&pass_yaz_option,
'1' => \&pass_yaz_option
) || pod2usage(2);
pod2usage(1) if $help;
pod2usage( -verbose => 2 ) if $man;
# If config_dir is not defined, default to z3950 under the Koha config directory
if (!$config_dir) {
(undef, $config_dir) = fileparse(Koha::Config->guess_koha_conf);
$config_dir .= 'z3950/';
} else {
$config_dir .= '/' if ($config_dir !~ /\/$/);
# Create and start the server.
my $z = Koha::Z3950Responder->new( {
add_item_status_subfield => $add_item_status_subfield,
add_status_multi_subfield => $add_status_multi_subfield,
debug => $debug,
num_to_prefetch => $prefetch,
config_dir => $config_dir,
yaz_options => [ @yaz_options, @ARGV ],
} );