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Nick Clemens 59918a3c21 Bug 18213: Add language facets to Elasticsearch 4 years ago
css Revert "Bug 22399: Improve responsive behavior of the basic marc editor" 3 years ago
en Bug 18213: Add language facets to Elasticsearch 3 years ago
img Bug 20647: (alternate) When ILL is enabled the hover effect on the ILL requests button is wrong 3 years ago
js Bug 18589: (follow-up) Fix merge problem 3 years ago
pdf Bug 7267: Add account number to German PDF template 8 years ago
sound Bugzilla 1080 to add enhancement for sound. Only changed circulation.tmpl/pl and returns.tmpl/pl and added a single syspref (set to off) along with very compressed OGG files for sound which are on the open source "artistic" licence. 12 years ago