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use Modern::Perl;
use CGI qw ( -utf8 );
use CGI::Cookie; # need to check cookies before CGI parses the POST request
use JSON;
use C4::Context;
use C4::Auth qw/check_cookie_auth/;
use C4::AuthoritiesMarc;
my %cookies = CGI::Cookie->fetch;
my ($auth_status, $sessionID) = check_cookie_auth($cookies{'CGISESSID'}->value, { editcatalogue => 'edit_catalogue' });
my $reply = CGI->new;
if ($auth_status ne "ok") {
print $reply->header(-type => 'text/html');
exit 0;
my $framework = $reply->param('frameworkcode');
my $tagslib = GetTagsLabels(1, $framework);
print $reply->header(-type => 'text/html');
print encode_json $tagslib;