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Tomás Cohen Arazi 62f1b2df68 Bug 20006: Spec changes 4 years ago
acquisitions_vendors.json Bug 18120: (QA followup) 'vendors_manage' permission fits better than full acq 5 years ago
cities.json Bug 22227: Make GET /cities staff only 4 years ago
holds.json Bug 20006: Spec changes 4 years ago
illrequests.json Bug 20563: Allow display of requested partners 4 years ago
libraries.json Bug 16497: (follow-up) GET operations require staff access 4 years ago
oauth.json Bug 20402: Implement OAuth2 authentication for REST API 5 years ago
patrons.json Bug 22216: Make GET /patrons/{patron_id} staff only 4 years ago
patrons_account.json Bug 20944: OpenAPI spec for /patrons/{patron_id}/account/credits 4 years ago
patrons_password.json Bug 17006: OpenAPI spec 4 years ago
public_patrons.json Bug 22061: (QA follow-up) Rename password_2 => password_repeated 4 years ago
rotas.json Bug 11897: Use 'stockrotation' permission for the endpoint 4 years ago