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Andrew Fuerste-Henry 0e34f36d47
Bug 25335: group by authorised_value in
3 years ago
value_builder Bug 22098: (QA follow-up) Improving documentation 3 years ago Bug 25335: group by authorised_value in 3 years ago Bug 24735: Remove QueryParser-related code 3 years ago Bug 25248: (bug 23463 follow-up) Item is returned if deletion successful, not 1 3 years ago Bug 21411: Advanced cataloging editor - rancor - Allow configuration of Keyboard 4 years ago Bug 20829: Handle non-existent barcode when linking to host item 5 years ago Bug 18593: Move suggestions when bibliographic records are merged 5 years ago Bug 14588: Simplify 8 years ago Bug 19809: Re-allow to call Koha::Objects::find in list context 3 years ago Bug 16154: CGI->multi_param - Force scalar context 7 years ago Bug 9978: Replace license header with the correct license (GPLv3+) 8 years ago Bug 23997: Escape z3950servers.rank as it's a new MySQL 8 kw 3 years ago Bug 21921: Add date publication year to biblio Z39.50 search form 3 years ago