Main Koha release repository
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Bug 25149: Fix Zebra language code for Greek
3 years ago
pazpar2 FRBR: configure PazPar2 during installation 15 years ago
z3950 Bug 13937: Add support for Z39.50 responder to the Debian scripts 3 years ago
zebradb Bug 25149: Fix Zebra language code for Greek 3 years ago
README.txt Add configuration file helper to the installer 16 years ago
SIPconfig.xml Bug 20816: Add ability to define custom templated fields in SIP patron responses 3 years ago
koha-conf.xml Bug 25109: Add lockdir configuration entry 3 years ago
koha-httpd.conf Bug 17464: Order deny,allow / Deny from all was deprecated in Apache 2.4 and is now a hard error 3 years ago
log4perl.conf Bug 25032: Add 'api' target to log4perl.conf 3 years ago


Koha Configuration Files:

The following files specify the base configuration for Koha ZOOM:

* koha-httpd.conf
In a debian system, this apache configuration file will be symlinked
from /etc/apache2/sites-enabled
Specify Koha's IP address with NameVirtualHost
Set ServerName, etc

* koha-production.xml
* koha-testing.xml
These are the production and testing configurations for zebrasrv and for Koha.
The first part of each file specifies Zebra server names, indexing configuration files,
and query language configurations. Koha configuration directives follow.

* zebra-authorities.cfg
* zebra-biblios.cfg