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Ryan Higgins 86ee8ee384 Add print slip to hold confirmation dialog. 15 years ago
C4 Add print slip to hold confirmation dialog. 15 years ago
acqui acqui/ - use reliable GetBookSellerFromId instead of relying on name search. 15 years ago
admin adding OPACShelfbrowse to OPAC tab 15 years ago
authorities authorities: make tag editor links consistent with bib 15 years ago
catalogue fix for 1610: Redirect to result when opac search returns only one item 15 years ago
cataloguing Add MARC preview to Z39.50 search. 15 years ago
circ Add print slip to hold confirmation dialog. 15 years ago
errors bug 1803 - fix error page handling 15 years ago
etc adding title indexes for 780 15 years ago
install_misc install: tweaked 'make update' 15 years ago
installer Bug fixing : 1746 : password was not escaped. 15 years ago
koha-tmpl Add print slip to hold confirmation dialog. 15 years ago
labels Commenting out unused call to get_batches. 15 years ago
members fix errors with using today's date and format_date 15 years ago
misc just some notes for RMs :-) 15 years ago
opac Experimental XSLT-based display of results and details pages To enable, create two new YesNo sysprefs: XSLTDetailsDisplay and XSLTResultsDisplay, and set them to ON. Feature to be expanded in a future version, this experimental code is for proof of concept only and doesn't introduce any changes if sysprefs are not created. 15 years ago
reports more old_issues SQL cleanup 15 years ago
reserve Report borrower's home library on reserves library mismatch. 15 years ago
reviews functions that were in C4::Interface::CGI::Output are now in C4::Output. 16 years ago
rss rel_3_0 moved to HEAD 16 years ago
serials created old_issues and old_reserves tables 15 years ago
skel installer: fixed chown invocation; added skel for KOHA_LOG_DIR 15 years ago
sms SMS - widespread cleanup and moving code away from Cyprus/Turkey-specific implementation. Much more needed. 15 years ago
suggestion removing useless code 15 years ago
svc bib_profile web svc: report biblioitems.itemtype subfield as non-mandatory 15 years ago
t use bind variables in C4::Acquisition::GetPendingOrders 15 years ago
tmp/modified_authorities changing DO_NOT_REMOVE to README.txt 15 years ago
tools Fixing branch select onChange() function, hopefully fixes Bug 1957, Holiday Calendar broken in Internet Explorer 15 years ago
virtualshelves Shelves consolidation to C4::VirtualShelves::Page. I can tell the consolidation 15 years ago
.htaccess bug 1803 - fix error page handling 15 years ago
INSTALL adding upgrade instructions to INSTALL and INSTALL.debain 15 years ago
INSTALL.debian updating installation docs 15 years ago
LICENSE re-naming some files prior to release 15 years ago
MANIFEST.SKIP Do not pack the git repository 15 years ago
Makefile.PL Bumping HTML::Template::Pro version to the latest 0.69 release which includes <!-- TMPL_ELSIF --> tag 15 years ago
README adding README 15 years ago don't sort @INC when displaying on about page 15 years ago fixing bug 1754: Hide language chooser if only one translation is available 15 years ago - cleanup, refactor and error feedback to user 15 years ago
fix-perl-path.PL installer: improvements to fix-path-perl.PL on Win32 15 years ago Adding yuipath variable to, and doing some cleanup of help templates (standardizing structure, mostly, and correcting some nomenclature). 15 years ago BUGFIX: need to create authors/id if CPAN is unused 15 years ago Updating patronimages syspref to reflect current sysprefs.sql 15 years ago fixing permissions requirements on 15 years ago
rewrite-config.PL install: added --prev-install-log option to Makefile.PL 15 years ago


Koha 3 - the next-generation release of the award-winning Koha open-source
integrated library system.

30 December 2007 - Joshua Ferraro <jmf AT liblime DOT com>

Koha is distributed under the GNU GPL. Please read the file LICENSE for
more details.

To install or upgrade Koha, please see the INSTALL file.

Please report any bugs to the koha mailing lists or bug tracker and we
will try to fix them in a future release. The main koha web site is