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Ryan Higgins 86ee8ee384 Add print slip to hold confirmation dialog. 15 years ago
acqui Some Bugfixing for Acquisitions : ModOrderReceive would create 2 lines in baskets And titles were displayed twice in parcel.tmpl 15 years ago
admin Adding tablesorter 15 years ago
authorities Updates to go along with jquery tabs plugin update 15 years ago
catalogue Formatting and adding additional info to display of editions in the OPAC and the staff client. 15 years ago
cataloguing Cleanup of z39.50 search form, addition of checkall js. Addition of tablesorter js to z39.50 results. 15 years ago
circ Add print slip to hold confirmation dialog. 15 years ago
errors Warning: Big Commit. Fixing Virtual Shelves 15 years ago
help typo fix: "recieve" => "receive" 15 years ago
installer fixes bug 1924: Language selection lists English only and that several times. 15 years ago
labels Seventh installment Patron card generation feature 15 years ago
maint Moving </head><body> into body of templates so that js and css can be embedded per-page. 16 years ago
members Adding tablesorter 15 years ago
reports Bug Fix : 1898 Replaces the previous commit : More fixes. 15 years ago
reserve Report borrower's home library on reserves library mismatch. 15 years ago
reviews Adding tablesorter 15 years ago
serials typo fix: "recieve" => "receive" 15 years ago
sms Standardizing format for error/message dialogs. <div class="dialog alert"> for high-priority warnings/confirmations. <div class="dialog message"> for lower priority/informational messages. 15 years ago
suggestion Some reworking of suggestions management interface in preparation for tackling hdl's proposal of wider scope. Includes change to to enable passing of borrowernumber to the template. 15 years ago
tools Updating translations for release 15 years ago
virtualshelves fixing display of itemtypes and itemtype icons in virtual shelves 15 years ago
z3950 Continuing addition of resident search form, other markup corrections. 16 years ago
about.tmpl Experimental XSLT-based display of results and details pages To enable, create two new YesNo sysprefs: XSLTDetailsDisplay and XSLTResultsDisplay, and set them to ON. Feature to be expanded in a future version, this experimental code is for proof of concept only and doesn't introduce any changes if sysprefs are not created. 15 years ago
auth.tmpl Adding "ESCAPE=HTML" to hidden input template variables in order to address bug 1919, "Form contents not escaped on login page" 15 years ago
intranet-main.tmpl Experimenting with keyboard shortcuts 15 years ago