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Kyle Hall 946edb595b Bug 25334: Add generic 'phone' message transport type 1 year ago
css Bug 26172: Compiled CSS 12 months ago
en Bug 25334: Add generic 'phone' message transport type 12 months ago
img Bug 23148: Replace Bridge icons with transparent PNG files 1 year ago
js Bug 26439: (QA follow-up) Correct MSG instances in cart.js 12 months ago
pdf Bug 5016: Fix some translation issues with English PDF order templates 2 years ago
sound Bugzilla 1080 to add enhancement for sound. Only changed circulation.tmpl/pl and returns.tmpl/pl and added a single syspref (set to off) along with very compressed OGG files for sound which are on the open source "artistic" licence. 12 years ago