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<settings target="__MERGE_SERVER_HOST__:__MERGE_SERVER_PORT__/biblios">
<set name="pz:name" value="Koha bib database"/>
<!-- This file introduces default settings for pazpar2 -->
<!-- $Id: loc.xml,v 1.2 2007-07-10 13:43:07 adam Exp $ -->
<!-- mapping for unqualified search -->
<set name="pz:cclmap:term" value="u=1016 t=l,r s=al"/>
<!-- field-specific mappings -->
<set name="pz:cclmap:au" value="u=1004 s=al"/>
<set name="pz:cclmap:ti" value="u=4 s=al"/>
<set name="pz:cclmap:su" value="u=21 s=al"/>
<set name="pz:cclmap:isbn" value="u=7"/>
<set name="pz:cclmap:issn" value="u=8"/>
<set name="pz:cclmap:date" value="u=30 r=r"/>
<!-- Retrieval settings -->
<set name="pz:requestsyntax" value="marc21"/>
<set name="pz:elements" value="F"/>
<!-- Result normalization settings -->
<set name="pz:nativesyntax" value="iso2709"/>
<set name="pz:xslt" value="__ZEBRA_MARC_FORMAT__-work-groups.xsl"/>