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use lib '/usr/local/opus-dev/intranet/modules';
use C4::Context("/etc/koha-opus-dev.conf");
use strict;
use CGI;
use C4::Labels;
use C4::Auth;
use C4::Output;
use C4::Context;
use HTML::Template::Pro;
use Data::Dumper;
# get the printing settings
my $conf_data = get_label_options();
my $cgi = new CGI;
my $papertype = $conf_data->{'papertype'};
warn $papertype;
if ( $papertype eq "Gaylord8511" ) {
warn "GAY";
print $cgi->redirect("/cgi-bin/koha/barcodes/");
elsif ( $papertype eq "OPUS-Dot Matrix" ) {
warn "OPUS labes";
print $cgi->redirect("/cgi-bin/koha/barcodes/");