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# This code has been modified by Trendsetters (originally from
use strict;
use CGI;
use C4::Auth;
use C4::Output;
use HTML::Template::Pro;
# begin code modifed by dan
my $query = new CGI;
my ($template, $borrowernumber, $cookie)
#Begin code modified by Christina Lee
# function comes from C4::Auth
= get_template_and_user({template_name => "sco/help.tmpl",
#End code modified by Christina Lee
query => $query,
type => "opac",
authnotrequired => 1,
flagsrequired => {borrow => 1},
debug => 1,
# end code modified by dan
# function comes from C4::Interface::CGI::Output
output_html_with_http_headers $query, $cookie, $template->output;