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# This Koha test module is a stub!
# Add more tests here!!!
use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More tests => 10;
my $json = C4::Output::JSONStream->new;
is($json->output,'{}',"Making sure JSON output is blank just after its created.");
$json->param( issues => [ 'yes!', 'please', 'no' ] );
is($json->output,'{"issues":["yes!","please","no"]}',"Making sure JSON output has added what we told it to.");
$json->param( stuff => ['realia'] );
like($json->output,'/"stuff":\["realia"\]/',"Making sure JSON output has added more params correctly.");
like($json->output,'/"issues":\["yes!","please","no"\]/',"Making sure existing elements remain in JSON output");
$json->param( stuff => ['fun','love'] );
like($json->output,'/"stuff":\["fun","love"\]/',"Making sure JSON output can overwrite params.");
like($json->output,'/"issues":\["yes!","please","no"\]/',"Making non overwitten elements remain in JSON output");
eval{$json->param( die )};
eval{$json->param( die => ['yes','sure','now'])};
ok(!$@,'Does not die.');
eval{$json->param( die => ['yes','sure','now'], die2 =>)};