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# This Koha test module is a stub!
# Add more tests here!!!
use strict;
use warnings;
use Test::More tests => 6;
use_ok('C4::Scheduler', qw( get_jobs get_at_jobs get_at_job add_at_job remove_at_job ));
ok(C4::Scheduler::get_jobs(), "testing get_jobs with no arguments");
ok(C4::Scheduler::get_at_jobs(), "testing get_at_jobs with no arguments");
is(C4::Scheduler::get_at_job(), "0", "testing get_at_job returns '0' when given no arguments");
is(C4::Scheduler::add_at_job(), "", "testing add_at_job with no arguments");
is(C4::Scheduler::remove_at_job(), undef , "testing remove_at_job returns undef when given no arguments");