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# Copyright 2014 Rijksmuseum
# This file is part of Koha.
# Koha is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the
# terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software
# Foundation; either version 3 of the License, or (at your option) any later
# version.
# Koha is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY
# WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR
# A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.
# You should have received a copy of the GNU General Public License along
# with Koha; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation, Inc.,
# 51 Franklin Street, Fifth Floor, Boston, MA 02110-1301 USA.
use Modern::Perl;
use FindBin;
use Test::More tests => 3;
use C4::Breeding;
use Koha::XSLT_Handler;
#Main object of this unit test is the Breeding module and its subroutines
#A start has been made to define tests for subroutines of Z3950Search.
#These subroutines are actually internal, but these tests may pave the way for
#a more comprehensive test of Z3950Search itself.
#Furthermore, we need additional tests for:
#Z3950SearchAuth, BreedingSearch, ImportBreedingAuth
#Group 1: testing _build_query and _translate_query (part of Z3950Search)
subtest '_build_query' => sub {
plan tests => 12;
#Group 2: testing _create_connection (part of Z3950Search)
subtest '_create_connection' => sub {
plan tests => 5;
#Group 3: testing _do_xslt_proc (part of Z3950Search)
subtest '_do_xslt_proc' => sub {
plan tests => 6;
sub test_build_translate_query {
my $str;
#First pass no parameters
my @queries= C4::Breeding::_build_query( {} );
is( defined $queries[0] && $queries[0] eq '' && defined $queries[1] &&
$queries[1] eq '', 1, '_build_query gets no parameters');
#We now pass one parameter
my $pars1= { isbn => '234567' };
@queries= C4::Breeding::_build_query( $pars1 );
#Passed only one par: zquery should start with @attr 1=\d+
is( $queries[0] =~ /^\@attr 1=\d+/, 1, 'Z39.50 query with one parameter');
#Find back ISBN?
is( $queries[0] =~ /$str/, 1, 'First Z39.50 query contains ISBN');
#SRU query should contain translation for ISBN
my $server= { sru_fields => 'isbn=ie-es-bee-en,srchany=overal' };
my $squery= C4::Breeding::_translate_query( $server, $queries[1] );
is( $squery =~ /ie-es-bee-en/, 1, 'SRU query has translated ISBN index');
#Another try with fallback to any
$server= { sru_fields => 'srchany=overal' };
$squery= C4::Breeding::_translate_query( $server, $queries[1] );
is( $squery =~ /overal/, 1, 'SRU query fallback to translated any');
#Another try even without any
$server= { sru_fields => 'this,is,bad,input' };
$squery= C4::Breeding::_translate_query( $server, $queries[1] );
is( $squery =~ /$str/ && $squery !~ /=/, 1, 'SRU query without indexes');
#We now pass two parameters
my $pars2= { isbn => '123456', title => 'You should read this.' };
@queries= C4::Breeding::_build_query( $pars2 );
#The Z39.50 query should start with @and (we passed two pars)
is( $queries[0] =~ /^\@and/, 1, 'Second Z39.50 query starts with @and');
#We should also find two @attr 1=\d+
my @matches= $queries[0] =~ /\@attr 1=\d+/g;
is( @matches == 2, 1, 'Second Z39.50 query includes two @attr 1=');
#We should find text of both parameters in the query
$str= $pars2->{isbn};
is( $queries[0] =~ /$str/, 1, 'Second query contains ISBN');
$str= $pars2->{title};
is( $queries[0] =~ /$str/, 1, 'Second query contains title');
#SRU revisited
$server= { sru_fields => 'isbn=nb,title=dc.title,srchany=overal' };
$squery= C4::Breeding::_translate_query( $server, $queries[1] );
is ( $squery =~ /dc.title/ && $squery =~ / and / &&
$squery =~ /nb=/, 1, 'SRU query with two parameters');
#We now pass a third wrong parameter (should not make a difference)
my $pars3= { isbn => '123456', title => 'You should read this.', xyz => 1 };
my @queries2= C4::Breeding::_build_query( $pars3 );
is( $queries[0] eq $queries2[0] && $queries[1] eq $queries2[1], 1,
'Third query makes no difference');
sub test_create_connection {
#TODO This is just a *simple* start
my $str;
my $server= { servertype => 'zed', db => 'MyDatabase',
host => '', port => 80,
my $obj= C4::Breeding::_create_connection( $server );
#We should get back an object, even if it did not connect
is( ref $obj eq 'ZOOM::Connection', 1, 'Got back a ZOOM connection');
#Remember: it is async
my $i= ZOOM::event( [ $obj ] );
if( $i == 1 ) {
#We could examine ZOOM::event_str( $obj->last_event )
#For now we are satisfied with an error message
#Probably: Connect failed
is( ($obj->errmsg//'') ne '', 1, 'Connection failed as expected');
} else {
ok( 1, 'No ZOOM event found: skipped errmsg' );
#Checking the databaseName for Z39.50 server
is( $str eq $server->{db}, 1, 'Check ZOOM option for database');
#Another test for SRU
$server->{ servertype } = 'sru';
$server->{ sru_options } = 'just_testing=fun';
$obj= C4::Breeding::_create_connection( $server );
#In this case we expect no databaseName, but we expect just_testing
is( $str, undef, 'No databaseName for SRU connection');
is( $str eq 'fun', 1, 'Additional ZOOM option for SRU found');
sub test_do_xslt {
my $biblio = MARC::Record->new();
MARC::Field->new('100', ' ', ' ', a => 'John Writer'),
MARC::Field->new('245', ' ', ' ', a => 'Just a title'),
my $file= $FindBin::Bin.'/XSLT_Handler/test01.xsl';
my $server= { add_xslt => $file };
my $engine=Koha::XSLT_Handler->new;
#ready for the main test
my @res = C4::Breeding::_do_xslt_proc( $biblio, $server, $engine );
is( $res[1] && $res[1] eq 'xslt_err', undef,
'Check error code of _do_xslt_proc');
if( !$res[1] ) {
is( ref $res[0] eq 'MARC::Record', 1, 'Got back MARC record');
my $sub = $res[0]->subfield('990','a')//'';
is( $sub eq 'I saw you', 1, 'Found 990a in the record');
} else {
ok( 1, 'Skipped one test');
ok( 1, 'Skipped another one');
#forcing an error on the xslt side
$server->{add_xslt} = 'notafile.xsl';
@res = C4::Breeding::_do_xslt_proc( $biblio, $server, $engine );
is( $res[1] && $res[1] eq 'xslt_err', 1,
'Check error code again');
#We still expect the original record back
is( ref $res[0] eq 'MARC::Record', 1, 'Still got back MARC record');
is ( $res[0]->subfield('245','a') eq 'Just a title', 1,
'At least the title is the same :)' );