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# CCL field mappings
# $Id: default.bib,v 1.1 2006/06/13 16:44:21 mike Exp $
# The rule below is used when no fields are specified
term t=l,r s=al
# Simple rule for a field called "clean"
clean t=l,r
# Rules for some BIB-1 fields
au u=1003 s=pw
ti u=4 s=pw
isbn u=7
issn u=8
cc u=20
su u=21 s=pw
date u=30 r=r
dp u=31 r=r
da u=32 r=r
la u=54 s=pw
ab u=62 s=pw
note u=63 s=pw
af u=1006 s=pw
# Rules for a few GILS fields
north gils-attset,u=2040 r=o
south gils-attset,u=2041 r=o
east gils-attset,u=2038 r=o
west gils-attest,u=2039 r=o
distributor gils-attset,u=2000 s=pw
distributorname gils-attset,u=2001 s=pw
# Explain fields
ExplainCategory exp1,1=1
HumanStringLanguage exp1,1=2
DatabaseName exp1,1=3
TargetName exp1,1=4
AttributeSetOID exp1,1=5
RecordSyntaxOID exp1,1=6
TagSetOID exp1,1=7
ExtededServiceOID exp1,1=8
DateAdded exp1,1=9
DateChanged exp1,1=10
DateExpires exp1,1=11
ElementSetName exp1,1=12