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use Modern::Perl;
return {
bug_number => "30611",
description => "Add STAFF_PASSWORD_RESET notice",
up => sub {
my ($args) = @_;
my ($dbh, $out) = @$args{qw(dbh out)};
INSERT IGNORE INTO letter (module, code, name, is_html, title, content, message_transport_type) VALUES ('members', 'STAFF_PASSWORD_RESET', 'Online password reset', 1, "Koha password reset", "<html>\r\n<p>A librarian has reset the password for the account <strong><<user>></strong>.\r\n</p>\r\n<p>\r\nPlease create your new password using the following link:\r\n<br/><a href=\"<<passwordreseturl>>\"><<passwordreseturl>></a>\r\n</p>\r\n<p>This link will be valid for 5 days from this email's reception, then you must reapply if you do not change your password.</p>\r\n<p>Thank you.</p>\r\n</html>", 'email');