Main Koha release repository
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Tomás Cohen Arazi 8cc404b651 Bug 17314: OpenAPI spec 2 years ago
advancededitormacro.json Bug 17268: (follow-up) Fix translatability 3 years ago
biblio.json Bug 15496: Add API endoint for deleting a bib 4 years ago
cash_register.json Bug 26274: Add cashups api routes 2 years ago
cashup.json Bug 26274: Add cashups api routes 2 years ago
checkout.json Bug 24083: Add support for unseen_renewals 2 years ago
city.json Bug 20004: Adapt /v1/cities to new naming guidelines 5 years ago
club.json Bug 19618: Add api endpoint for club holds 3 years ago
fund.json Bug 19661: REST API - Funds Endpoint 4 years ago
hold.json Bug 20006: Spec changes 4 years ago
import_batch_profile.json Bug 23019: (follow-up) Fix other things 2 years ago
item.json Bug 16825: Add API route for getting an item 3 years ago
library.json Bug 16497: (follow-up) Adapt to existing guidelines and RFC 4 years ago
order.json Bug 18731: OpenAPI definitions 3 years ago
patron.json Bug 19784: Adapt /v1/patrons to new naming guidelines 5 years ago
quote.json Bug 27251: Rewrite QOTD with the Koha REST API 2 years ago
smtp_server.json Bug 22343: API routes for SMTP servers CRUD 2 years ago
suggestion.json Bug 17314: OpenAPI spec 1 year ago
transfer_limit.json Bug 26633: Add REST API for managing transfer limits 2 years ago
vendor.json Bug 18120: Add '/acquisitions/vendors' endpoint 5 years ago