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INSERT INTO permissions (module_bit, code, description) VALUES
( 1, 'circulate_remaining_permissions', 'Remaining circulation permissions'),
( 1, 'override_renewals', 'Override blocked renewals'),
( 9, 'edit_catalogue', 'Editer le catalogue'),
( 9, 'fast_cataloging', 'Catalogage rapide'),
(13, 'edit_news', 'Write news for the OPAC and staff interfaces'),
(13, 'label_creator', 'Create printable labels and barcodes from catalog and patron data'),
(13, 'edit_calendar', 'Define days when the library is closed'),
(13, 'moderate_comments', 'Moderate patron comments'),
(13, 'edit_notices', 'Define notices'),
(13, 'edit_notice_status_triggers', 'Set notice/status triggers for overdue items'),
(13, 'view_system_logs', 'Browse the system logs'),
(13, 'inventory', 'Perform inventory (stocktaking) of your catalogue'),
(13, 'stage_marc_import', 'Stage MARC records into the reservoir'),
(13, 'manage_staged_marc', 'Managed staged MARC records, including completing and reversing imports'),
(13, 'export_catalog', 'Export bibliographic and holdings data'),
(13, 'import_patrons', 'Import patron data'),
(13, 'delete_anonymize_patrons', 'Delete old borrowers and anonymize circulation history (deletes borrower reading history)'),
(13, 'batch_upload_patron_images', 'Upload patron images in batch or one at a time'),
(13, 'schedule_tasks', 'Schedule tasks to run'),
(11, 'vendors_manage', 'Manage vendors'),
(11, 'contracts_manage', 'Gérer les contrats'),
(11, 'period_manage', 'Gérer les périodes'),
(11, 'budget_manage', 'Gérer les budgets'),
(11, 'budget_modify', 'Modifier les budgets (impossible de créer les lignes, mais possible de modifier celles qui existent'),
(11, 'planning_manage', 'Gérer de la planification des budgets'),
(11, 'order_manage', 'Gérer les commandes et les paniers'),
(11, 'group_manage', 'Gérer les commandes et les bons de commande'),
(11, 'order_receive', 'Gérer les réceptions'),
(11, 'budget_add_del', 'Ajouter et supprimer les budgets (mais pas modifier)'),
(13, 'manage_csv_profiles', 'Gérer les profils d''export CSV'),
(13, 'rotating_collections', 'Gérer les collections tournantes'),
(13, 'batch_mod', 'Modification Par lot des exemplaires'),
(13, 'batch_del', 'Suppression par lot des exemplaires')