General Koha contribs; anybody with an SSH key registered can push here
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apt-get install monit
cp ./koha-plack/plack.conf $monitpath/conf.d/plack.conf
cp ./koha-zebra/zebra.conf $monitpath/conf.d/zebra.conf
cp ./koha-coce/coce.conf $monitpath/conf.d/coce.conf
cp ./koha-zebra/*.sh $bashpath/
cp ./koha-plack/*.sh $bashpath/
cp ./koha-coce/*.sh $bashpath/
echo "What mailserver should we send through?"
read mailserver
echo "Where should we send the emails?"
read monitmail
echo "
set mailserver $mailserver,
set alert $monitmail not on { instance, action }
set httpd port 2812
" > $monitpath/conf.d/koha-common.conf
service monit start
monit start all