General Koha contribs; anybody with an SSH key registered can push here
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# retrieve sandbox system from contrib repository
git clone git:// /home/koha/contrib

# go to koha and update it
cd /home/koha/src;git fetch;git checkout master;git rebase origin/master
# link files from contrib repo to koha:
mkdir -p sandbox/templates
mkdir -p sandbox/sql
mkdir -p sandbox/cron
ln -s /home/koha/contrib/sandbox/
cd /home/koha/src/sandbox/templates
ln -s /home/koha/contrib/sandbox/templates/
cd /home/koha/src/sandbox/sql
ln -s /home/koha/contrib/sandbox/sql/sandbox1.sql.gz sandbox1.sql.gz
ln -s /home/koha/contrib/sandbox/sql/sandbox2.sql.gz sandbox2.sql.gz
cd /home/koha/src/sandbox/cron
ln -s /home/koha/contrib/sandbox/cron/sandbox.cron sandbox.cron
ln -s /home/koha/contrib/sandbox/cron/sandbox_signoff.cron sandbox_signoff.cron

# edit your .gitignore file
vim /home/koha/src/.gitignore

# (the sandbox directory should be in