731 Commits (aab4522837e710f2c715881aa8bbb2ff79186353)

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  chris aab4522837 Script to insert data about junior/children into members table 20 years ago
  chris ac5802b0f9 stopping writeoffs from printing 20 years ago
  chris 9f0e81ed03 test fix 20 years ago
  chris 9da7a3d774 fixing spelling mistakes 20 years ago
  chris 954331822d fixing number problem 20 years ago
  chris 81831010b3 fixing add authors mess 20 years ago
  chris 955114a3ca fixing additional authors search 20 years ago
  chris ec16c2524d more fixing 20 years ago
  chris 4ba0b26b79 Fixing a glitch in acquire screen 20 years ago
  chris 8d723f896c *** empty log message *** 20 years ago
  chris 5b49704c95 fixing title error 20 years ago
  chris 3c18fc9bf2 fixed compnay to company 20 years ago
  chris 34bc7e9955 changing button 20 years ago
  chris 8f243c9d2e not showing ttype 20 years ago
  chris 7637495f6b fixing decimal places 20 years ago
  chris 76af1bdb84 fxing receipt summary screen 20 years ago
  chris f178d526b3 fixing receipt summary screen 20 years ago
  chris 79ec491f69 fixing subject search 20 years ago
  chris f17880c459 fixed glitch number2 d: 20 years ago
  chris 13b8235fbb fixing stupid = error 20 years ago
  chris e04d57505e test 21 years ago
  chris cf2d730463 test 21 years ago
  chris 5c3e435e92 test 21 years ago
  chris da4d26781a fixing counts 21 years ago
  chris 59756af783 fixing count 21 years ago
  chris da52ff6032 made sure was searching unititle 21 years ago
  chris 4dfabce118 fixing borken paths 21 years ago
  chris 4b257d616b Changed to make it easier to set up path for includes 21 years ago
  chris ac8008d0bc fixing glitch in assigning books to groups 21 years ago
  chris ff39d26767 exact title search going 21 years ago
  chris 480df97acd got exact title search working 21 years ago
  chris c7f9840c57 fixing glitch 21 years ago
  chris bdb82891fd fxing groups 21 years ago
  chris dd4879220d combining clas searches with other searches 21 years ago
  chris 6e44db5eda more testing 21 years ago
  chris f7d7f94a30 changed ordering of reservelist 21 years ago
  chris c6ff3abab8 fixe 21 years ago
  chris 2badc0ef42 test 21 years ago
  chris b89194d1b8 changing the error message 21 years ago
  chris 5de58d1b8e fixed not allowed to issue referenc 21 years ago
  chris db8aa26d41 iscript to add borrower 21 years ago
  chris c609207a8c fixing a glitch in book title 21 years ago
  chris 86a186e1a4 Fixing a glitch with # in urls 21 years ago
  chris 9317ddc3bd fixing a glitch that meant filled reserves were showing 21 years ago
  chris 4c1450f9bc Shifting fiels to package for download 21 years ago
  chris 93de43e996 fixing glitch in subject search, title were duplicating 21 years ago
  chris 29fe294d30 tidying up 21 years ago
  chris cbb02b0f34 fixed debuggin 21 years ago
  chris 8329a88b43 fixed notes field 21 years ago
  chris 52e2d10413 fixing glitch in adding barcodes 21 years ago