Kumara - predecessor to Koha
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#script to provide intranet (librarian) advanced search facility
#modified 9/11/1999 by chris@katipo.co.nz
use strict;
#use DBI;
use C4::Search;
use CGI;
use C4::Output;
my $input = new CGI;
print $input->header;
#print $input->dump;
my $blah;
my %search;
#build hash of users input
my $title=$input->param('title');
my $keyword=$input->param('keyword');
my $author=$input->param('author');
my $subject=$input->param('subject');
my $itemnumber=$input->param('item');
my $isbn=$input->param('isbn');
my $datebefore=$input->param('date-before');
my @results;
my $offset=$input->param('offset');
if ($offset eq ''){
my $num=$input->param('num');
if ($num eq ''){
print startpage();
print startmenu();
print mkheadr(1,'Catalogue Search Results');
print center();
my $count;
my @results;
if ($itemnumber ne '' || $isbn ne ''){
} else {
if ($subject ne ''){
} else {
if ($keyword ne ''){
} else {
print "You searched on ";
while ( my ($key, $value) = each %search) {
if ($value ne ''){
print bold("$key $value,");
print " $count results found";
my $offset2=$num+$offset;
print "<br> Results $offset to $offset2 displayed";
print mktablehdr;
if ($subject ne ''){
print mktablerow(1,'#cccc99','<b>SUBJECT</b>');
} else {
print mktablerow(2,'#cccc99','<b>TITLE</b>','<b>AUTHOR</b>');
my $count2=@results;
my $i=0;
my $colour=1;
while ($i < $count2){
my @stuff=split('\t',$results[$i]);
my $title2=$stuff[1];
$title2=~ s/ /%20/g;
if ($subject eq ''){
my $word=$stuff[2];
$word=~ s/ //g;
$word=~ s/\,/\,%20/g;
$word=~ s/\n//g;
my $url="/cgi-bin/kumara/search.pl?author=$word&type=a";
} else {
my $word=$stuff[1];
$word=~ s/ /%20/;
if ($colour == 1){
print mktablerow(2,'#ffffcc',$stuff[1],$stuff[2]);
} else{
print mktablerow(2,'white',$stuff[1],$stuff[2]);
print mktablerow(2,'#cccc99',' &nbsp; ',' &nbsp; ');
print mktableft();
if ($offset < $count){
my $search="num=$num&offset=$offset";
if ($subject ne ''){
$subject=~ s/ /%20/g;
if ($title ne ''){
$title=~ s/ /%20/g;
if ($author ne ''){
$author=~ s/ /%20/g;
if ($keyword ne ''){
$keyword=~ s/ /%20/g;
my $stuff=mklink("/cgi-bin/kumara/search.pl?$search",'More');
print $stuff;
print endcenter();
print endmenu();
print endpage();