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package C4::Circulation; #asummes C4/Circulation
#package to deal with circulation
use strict;
require Exporter;
use DBI;
use C4::Database;
use C4::Circulation::Issues;
use C4::Circulation::Returns;
use C4::Circulation::Renewals;
use C4::Circulation::Borrower;
use C4::Reserves;
use C4::Interface;
use C4::Security;
# set the version for version checking
$VERSION = 0.01;
@ISA = qw(Exporter);
@EXPORT = qw(&Start_circ &scanborrower);
#@EXPORT = qw(&Start_circ checkoverdues);
%EXPORT_TAGS = ( ); # eg: TAG => [ qw!name1 name2! ],
# your exported package globals go here,
# as well as any optionally exported functions
@EXPORT_OK = qw($Var1 %Hashit);
# non-exported package globals go here
use vars qw(@more $stuff);
# initalize package globals, first exported ones
my $Var1 = '';
my %Hashit = ();
# then the others (which are still accessible as $Some::Module::stuff)
my $stuff = '';
my @more = ();
# all file-scoped lexicals must be created before
# the functions below that use them.
# file-private lexicals go here
my $priv_var = '';
my %secret_hash = ();
# here's a file-private function as a closure,
# callable as &$priv_func; it cannot be prototyped.
my $priv_func = sub {
# stuff goes here.
# make all your functions, whether exported or not;
sub Start_circ{
my ($env)=@_;
#connect to database
#start interface
my $donext = 'Circ';
my $reason;
my $data;
while ($donext ne 'Quit') {
if ($donext eq "Circ") {
($reason,$data) = menu($env,'console','Circulation',
('Issues','Returns','Borrower Enquiries','Reserves','Log In'));
debug_msg($env,"data = $data");
} else {
$data = $donext;
if ($data eq 'Issues') {
$donext=Issue($env); #C4::Circulation::Issues
#debug_msg("","do next $donext");
} elsif ($data eq 'Returns') {
$donext=Returns($env); #C4::Circulation::Returns
} elsif ($data eq 'Borrower Enquiries'){
$donext=Borenq($env); #C4::Circulation::Borrower
} elsif ($data eq 'Reserves'){
$donext=EnterReserves($env); #C4::Reserves
} elsif ($data eq 'Log In') {
&Login($env); #C4::Security
} elsif ($data eq 'Quit') {
$donext = $data;
#debug_msg($env,"donext - $donext");
sub pastitems{
#Get list of all items borrower has currently on issue
my ($env,$bornum,$dbh)=@_;
my $sth=$dbh->prepare("Select * from issues,items,biblio
where borrowernumber=$bornum and issues.itemnumber=items.itemnumber
and items.biblionumber=biblio.biblionumber
and returndate is null
order by date_due");
my $i=0;
my @items;
my @items2;
#$items[0]=" "x29;
#$items2[0]=" "x29;
$items[0]=" "x72;
$items2[0]=" "x72;
while (my $data=$sth->fetchrow_hashref) {
my $line = "$data->{'date_due'} $data->{'title'}";
# $items[$i]=fmtstr($env,$line,"L29");
sub checkoverdues{
#checks whether a borrower has overdue items
my ($env,$bornum,$dbh)=@_;
my $sth=$dbh->prepare("Select * from issues,items,biblio where
borrowernumber=$bornum and issues.itemnumber=items.itemnumber and
my $row=1;
my $col=40;
while (my $data=$sth->fetchrow_hashref){
sub previousissue {
my ($env,$itemnum,$dbh,$bornum)=@_;
my $sth=$dbh->prepare("Select firstname,surname,issues.borrowernumber,cardnumber,returndate
from issues,borrowers where
issues.itemnumber='$itemnum' and
issues.borrowernumber=borrowers.borrowernumber and issues.returndate is
my $borrower=$sth->fetchrow_hashref;
if ($borrower->{'borrowernumber'} ne ''){
if ($bornum eq $borrower->{'borrowernumber'}){
# no need to issue
my ($renewstatus) = &renewstatus($env,$dbh,$bornum,$itemnum);
my $resp = &msg_yn("Book is issued to this borrower", "Renew?");
if ($resp == "y") {
} else {
my $text="Issued to $borrower->{'firstname'} $borrower->{'surname'} ($borrower->{'cardnumber'})";
my $resp = &msg_yn($text,"Mark as returned?");
if ($resp == "y") {
# can issue
} else {
# can't issue
sub checkreserve{
# Check for reserves for biblio
# does not look at constraints yet
my ($env,$dbh,$itemnum)=@_;
my $resbor = "";
my $query = "select * from reserves,items
where (items.itemnumber = '$itemnum')
and (items.biblionumber = reserves.biblionumber)
and (reserves.found is null) order by priority";
my $sth = $dbh->prepare($query);
if (my $data=$sth->fetchrow_hashref) {
$resbor = $data->{'borrowernumber'};
return ($resbor);
sub checkwaiting{
# check for reserves waiting
my ($env,$dbh,$bornum)=@_;
my @itemswaiting="";
my $query = "select * from reserves
where (borrowernumber = '$bornum')
and (reserves.found='W')";
my $sth = $dbh->prepare($query);
if (my $data=$sth->fetchrow_hashref) {
push @itemswaiting,$data->{'itemnumber'};
return (\@itemswaiting);
sub scanbook {
my ($env,$interface)=@_;
#scan barcode
my ($number,$reason)=dialog("Book Barcode:");
$number=uc $number;
return ($number,$reason);
sub scanborrower {
my ($env,$interface)=@_;
#scan barcode
my ($number,$reason,$book)=&borrower_dialog($env); #C4::Interface
$number= $number;
$book=uc $book;
return ($number,$reason,$book);
END { } # module clean-up code here (global destructor)