Kumara - predecessor to Koha
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#script to display detailed information
#written 8/11/99
use strict;
#use DBI;
use C4::Search;
use CGI;
use C4::Output;
my $input = new CGI;
print $input->header;
#whether it is called from the opac of the intranet
my $type=$input->param('type');
#setup colours
my $main;
my $secondary;
if ($type eq 'opac'){
} else {
print startpage();
print startmenu($type);
my $blah;
my $bib=$input->param('bib');
my $title=$input->param('title');
print "<a href=request.pl?bib=$bib><img height=42 WIDTH=120 BORDER=0 src=\"/images/requests.gif\" align=right border=0></a>";
my @items=ItemInfo(\$blah,$bib,$title);
my $dat=bibdata($bib);
my $count=@items;
print mkheadr(3,$dat->{'title'});
print <<printend
<TABLE CELLSPACING=0 CELLPADDING=5 border=1 align=left width="220">
<!-----------------BIBLIO RECORD TABLE--------->
<td bgcolor="99cc33" background="/images/background-mem.gif"><B>BIBLIO RECORD $bib</TD></TR>
<FONT SIZE=2 face="arial, helvetica">
Subtitle: $dat->{'subtitle'}<br>
Author: $dat->{'author'}<br>
Additional Author: <br>
Seriestitle: $dat->{'seriestitle'}<br>
Subject: $dat->{'subject'}<br>
Notes: $dat->{'notes'}<br>
Unititle: $dat->{'unititle'}<br>
Analytical Author: <br>
Analytical Title: <br>
Serial: $dat->{'serial'}<br>
Total Number of Items: $count
<INPUT TYPE="image" name="submit" VALUE="modify" height=42 WIDTH=93 BORDER=0 src="/images/modify-mem.gif">
<img src="/images/holder.gif" width=16 height=250 align=left>
#print @items;
my $i=0;
print center();
print mktablehdr;
if ($type eq 'opac'){
print mktablerow(6,$main,'Itemtype','Class','Location','DateDue','Lastseen','Barcode');
} else {
print mktablerow(6,$main,'Itemtype','Class','Location','DateDue','Lastseen','Barcode',"/images/background-mem.gif");
my $colour=1;
while ($i < $count){
my @results=split('\t',$items[$i]);
if ($type ne 'opac'){
if ($results[2] eq ''){
if ($colour == 1){
print mktablerow(6,$secondary,$results[6],$results[4],$results[3],$results[2],$results[7],$results[1]);
} else{
print mktablerow(6,'white',$results[6],$results[4],$results[3],$results[2],$results[7],$results[1]);
print endcenter();
print mktableft();
print endmenu($type);
print endpage();