Kumara - predecessor to Koha
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chris fc70288d55 tidying up 22 年之前
C4 tidying up 22 年之前
addbiblio.pl Adding biblios is working 22 年之前
addborrower.pl Working on web interface 22 年之前
additem.pl script to add an item to the database 22 年之前
charges.pl fixing fine info 22 年之前
countissues.pl working on issues reports 22 年之前
countoverdues.pl working on overdues 22 年之前
countowing.pl more reports 22 年之前
countpaid.pl reports for stock 22 年之前
countreturns.pl *** empty log message *** 22 年之前
detail.pl tidying up 22 年之前
fines.pl tidying up 22 年之前
fixborrower.pl working 22 年之前
insertdata.pl frantic work on members 22 年之前
member.pl working 22 年之前
memberentry.pl frantic work on members 22 年之前
modbib.pl Script to modify or delete an existing biblio 22 年之前
moditem.pl Script to modify an item 22 年之前
moredetail.pl tidying up 22 年之前
newmember.pl frantic work on members 22 年之前
opac-search.pl more work on generalising 22 年之前
owtest.pl change to debug_msg 22 年之前
placerequest.pl work on reserves 22 年之前
reports.pl reports for stock 22 年之前
request.pl tidying up search results 22 年之前
search.pl tidying up 22 年之前
subjectsearch.pl tidying up 22 年之前
test.pl speeding up searches ... well trying to 22 年之前
testissue.pl Fixing files not found 22 年之前
updatecharges.pl Updates categoryitem in database for charging for overdue items 22 年之前