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  Jonathan Druart 65a20c0b16 Issue #26 - reintroduce roll_release.sh 3 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart 435307aaf8 Replace koha-patches with koha-devel 3 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart ea14158d34 Reverse mentors and manual contributors 3 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart 196ee6e3f6 Remove warning for Koha translators 3 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart f7512e225e Rephase sponsors 3 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart 86bc286951 Add new sponsor 3 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart ed1a7f80f3 Add missing line break 3 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart 2ea6a70e55 Manual for French is fr, not fr_FR 3 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart 87a245cc87 List the different versions of the manual 3 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart 834657ca10 Issue #26 - remove the templates directory 4 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart dab21981a8 Issue #26 - Remove unused and obsolete scripts/files 4 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart 6d24c6bc38 Issue #28 - use "manual" instead of "man" from 21.05 4 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart 11b8d00d35 Issue #27 - Remove trailing slash from sponsor URL 4 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart cefc2a13cf Remove master version from user.example 4 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart e881956ae7 Issue #23 - Glen is not in the git history 1 month ago
  Jonathan Druart dc277dc442 Issue #23 - Cache disambiguations 1 month ago
  Jonathan Druart cd359e5e29 Issue #23 - Deal with sponsors disambiguation 1 month ago
  Jonathan Druart c72975c3f7 Issue #23 - Update Kyle 1 month ago
  Jonathan Druart d76d504579 Issue #23 - Update Nicole 1 month ago
  Jonathan Druart 87f2510708 Issue #23 - Use .mailmap from Koha instead of dev_map.yaml 1 month ago
  Victor Grousset f956562964 release notes: link to the wiki for the system requirements 1 month ago
  Jonathan Druart b09975f67e Issue #7 - List deleted sysprefs 4 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart 43e4b64a88 Issue #15 - Fix versions released in 4 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart d17597a483 Issue #24 - remove warnings 4 weeks ago
  Jonathan Druart 081feda766 Issue #24 - Sort authors by lastname || firstname 1 month ago
  Jonathan Druart dfc8206da8 Issue #21 - Update git repo url 1 month ago
  Jonathan Druart 1e9854803d Add new contributors 1 month ago
  Jonathan Druart 47d8de9eaf Add new sponsors and contributors 1 month ago
  Jonathan Druart b95ca13d51 uri_escape login and password for bugzilla 1 month ago
  Jonathan Druart f07ebcf4ad Add new contributors and sponsor 2 months ago
  Jonathan Druart b326a45f70 Add new contributor and sponsor 4 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 742955acb8 Prevent to push patch not from 'Koha' 4 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 2100e70b55 Add devs and sponsor 4 months ago
  Jonathan Druart f92d93a16b Add new contributors 5 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 37c4520627 Add sponsor disambigation 5 months ago
  Martin Renvoize eaf98c6167
Update for 21.05 team 6 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 795e7171e7 Skip 'BibLibre Team' 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 045dbf3aa7 Add disambigations 7 months ago
  Martin Renvoize 7e9ba312c4
Update domainmap in config 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 0d2e34b4fe Correct disambigation 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 4bde1d41e1 Add disambigation 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart a4d6e3dbc8 Add new contributors 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 450bc10e27 Add new sponsors and contributors 7 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 8d45eb1779 Handle move of sysprefs.sql (bug 23895) 8 months ago
  Jonathan Druart cac213cbe2 Adjust contributor names after 26621 8 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 4edd608d88 Add new sponsor and contributors 8 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 7328e28b03 Add new contributors 9 months ago
  Jonathan Druart 2adb3f4a1b Issue #18 - Avoid duplicate for tags 9 months ago
  Jonathan Druart d846304634 Issue #18 - Prevent to overwrite previous history 9 months ago
  Jonathan Druart ece0e14038 Issue #18 - Display correctly the versions 9 months ago