A collection of release tools used for Koha
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# Here is a set of mappings of domain names onto employer names.
ptfs.com PTFS
ptfs-europe.com PTFS-Europe
catalyst.net.nz Catalyst
biblibre.com Biblibre
bywatersolutions.com ByWater-Solutions
tamil.fr Tamil
bigballofwax.co.nz BigBallOfWax
katipo.co.nz Katipo
liblime.com Liblime
foundations.edu Foundations
myacpl.org ACPL
web.de BSZ-BW
bsz-bw.de BSZ-BW
nekls.org NEKLS
enger.priv.no Libriotech
kohaaloha.com KohaAloha
rijksmuseum.nl Rijksmuseum
esilibrary.com Equinox
libeo.com Libeo
masmedios.com MASmedios
cpbibliography.com C & P Bibliography
phonecoop.coop Software.coop
uttyler.edu UT Tyler
sys-tech.net Libeo
rot13.org rot13.org
xercode.es Xercode
catalystacademy.net.nz Catalyst Open Source Academy
cilea.it Cilea
anantcorp.com Anant Corp
mvwsd.org Mountain View Whisman School District