Serials issues and summary

This screen is divided in 2 parts

The right part

The right part deals with issues. When you create a new subscription, the 1st issue is automatically calculated. When you want/need, you can define issues that have a new status:

The left part

the left part contains 6 differents informations, that are automatically calculated for some of them, but that you can change

Subscription renewals

Koha calculates automatically the end of the subscription (based on the start date and the number of issues recieved). when a subscription has ended, you can't change the status of the last "waited number" (as it's not waited in fact). To be able to "recieve" this number, you must renew your subscription.

Renewing a subscription means that you define some informations for the renewal. When those informations have been filled, a suggestion is automatically created in Koha. This suggestion can be managed by the librarian that orders books, as any other order (= budget and bookseller are defined here).

Note that the subscription renewal done by the "serials librarian" is supposed to be immediate. We have decided to keep Koha as simple as possible. In fact, the subscription renewal won't be immediate, but we didn't wanted to add too much complexity.