Member Information Screen

This screen shows the information associated with a given patron.

On the top left is their address and card number.

A patron's annual membership fee payment status also shows on this screen.

Any fines a patron has will show up in the top middle of this screen.

Any materials a patron has requested will show up on the top right of this screen.

You can get information on what a patron has read in the past by clicking on the Reading Record button.

Any items a patron currently has out will show up under "Items currently on issue".

If you would like to edit a patron's information, click the modify button on the lower left.

If you would like to PERMANENTLY delete a user, click the delete button on the lower left. A confirmation box will appear, so don't worry about accidentally deleting a record. Just be absolutely sure before you delete!

The change password button allows a user to either set a new password or change their current password. This is useful to patrons that wish to place reserves online from home. You cannot see a password again once you change it, but you can reset a password.

Modify user flags allows an administrator to set which clerks, librarians, patrons, technical support people or trustees have access to certain parts of the database. Right now, one can either have permission to access everything on the Intranet side, or just have access to the OPAC.