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Congratulations, Installation complete

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Selecting Default Settings

Each language has a set of default settings that cover a wide range of configuration options. Please select a language from the dropdown or use the default lanaguage already selected.

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When you've made your selections, please click 'Import' below to begin the process. It may take a while to complete, please be patient.

data added

Zebra or Nozebra ?

Koha comes in 2 flavours : Zebra and NoZebra. You will now decide the version you need

some directions to help you choose:

Zebra version

NoZebra version

Whatever you choose now, you can always change your mind and setup the other version.

Note that, if you choose "Zebra", you won't have a working koha, you must set up zebra first (catalogue search won't work, the rest will)

What do you choose ?

Nozebra: my catalogue is not that large and I want something simple to setup

Zebra: I have a large catalogue, I'm not afraid having to setup more software on my server

Installation complete.

Click on Finish to complete and load the Koha Staff Interface.

The following error occcurred while importing the database structure:

Please contact your system administrator


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Now we're ready to create the database tables and fill them with some default data.

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We are upgrading from Koha to , you must update your database

We are ready to do some basic configuration. Please install basic configuration settings to continue the installation.

Updating Mysql database

Update report :

Everything went OK, update done.

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