Import Patrons

Import results :

  • imported records
  • overwritten
  • not imported because already in borrowers table and overwrite disabled
  • not imported because they are not in the expected format
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  • Select a file to import into the borrowers table
  • If a cardnumber exists in the table, you can choose whether to ignore the new one or overwrite the old one.
" enctype="multipart/form-data">
Import into the borrowers table
Field to use for record matching
If matching record is already in the borrowers table:


  • Format the file in CSV format with the following fields:
  • 'cardnumber', 'surname', 'firstname', 'title', 'othernames', 'initials', 'streetnumber', 'streettype', 'address', 'address2', 'city', 'zipcode', 'email', 'phone', 'mobile', 'fax', 'emailpro', 'phonepro', 'B_streetnumber', 'B_streettype', 'B_address', 'B_city', 'B_zipcode', 'B_email', 'B_phone', 'dateofbirth', 'branchcode', 'categorycode', 'dateenrolled', 'dateexpiry', 'gonenoaddress', 'lost', 'debarred', 'contactname', 'contactfirstname', 'contacttitle', 'borrowernotes', 'relationship', 'ethnicity', 'ethnotes', 'sex', 'userid', 'opacnote', 'contactnote', 'password', 'sort1', 'sort2', 'patron_attributes'
  • If loading patron attributes, the 'patron_attributes' field should contain a comma-separated list of attribute types and values. The attribute type code and a ':' should precede each value. For example: "INSTID:12345,LANG:fr". This means that if an input record has more than one attribute, the 'patron_attributes' field must be wrapped in double quotation marks.
  • Please make sure the 'branchcode' and 'categorycode' are valid entries in your database.
  • password should be stored in plaintext, and will be converted to a md5 hash (if your passwords are already encrypted, talk to your systems administrator about options).