Upload Patron Images

  • Unpacking completed
Scanned Processed Images moved from to To
  • The upload file does not appear to be a zip file. The extention is not '.zip'.
  • This script is not able to create/write to the necessary temporary directory.
  • This script is not able to write to the patronpictures holding directory.
  • The upload file appears to be empty.
    • Select a file to upload to the server. Each .jpg file contained therein will be copied to the appropriate place on the server for patron pictures.
    • You can include multiple pictures in a .zip file.
    • There should be a DATALINK.TXT or IDLINK.TXT file for each group of pictures that has the cardnumber of the patron and the file containing that patrons picture. One patron per line seperated by either ,'s or tabs. Quotes around the fields are ignored.